Sure-shot ways to Nail a Job interview over the Phone

Sure-shot ways to Nail a Job interview over the PhoneYou received a call confirming an interview with X company you applied for just two days back. Before you think that all you need is a knockout résumé and a killer outfit, think again.

Nowadays, there’s a step before the in-person interview: The Phone Interview.

Employers are increasingly opting for phone interviews to screen potential new hires. They want to be as sure as possible that you’re a worthy candidate before they ask you to pay them a visit. It saves them time and energy.

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So there you have perhaps five minutes to impress the hiring manager enough so that you get on to the next level, whatever that maybe - another phone interview, a Skype interview or an office interview.


And if this thought has your heart racing and palms get sweaty more often....

1) The biggest lesson for you — Getting nervous is only normal

Getting nervous is good. It means you care. So don’t beat yourself up about it. Learn to channel your nervous energy into showing positivity and healthy levels of enthusiasm on the phone.

2) Look up on LinkedIn to learn more about the hiring manager

Find an online photograph of the person who is interviewing you. Search on LinkedIn or on the company’s website. It’s much easier to talk with someone when you know what he/she looks like. Also, at a time when you are not only anxious about talking to a stranger, but also stressed about trying to impress him enough to get hired, several questions can plague your mind - How will they act on the phone? Will they be friendly, or stern? Will they make small talk or talk strictly business?

You have to be able to quickly assess, within the first few spoken words, the interviewer’s personality and adjust your demeanor accordingly. Here, it helps to know little about their interests, hobbies, work experience and fish out if you have something in common with them, so that at the time of the call, you are able to pick up the relevant conversation with him.

3) Prepare
The day before the interview, practice asking your questions aloud and, while you’re at it, rehearse your answers to some potential questions that the interviewer might ask you. (“What are your strengths?”.... “Tell me about yourself... "How do you see this position contributing to the continued success of the organization?”

Google to find out everything you need to know about the company. This will demonstrate your interest in the company, and the job, and show that you’re a highly qualified applicant. Also remember, phone interviews are great opportunity to find out more details about the job, the company, the work environment and the team, as job descriptions on public portals are often notoriously vague.

4) Take care of the basics

It's not a good idea to hear barking dogs, crying children or blaring car horns when you are giving an interview. Get everyone out of the house, or make sure to have an isolated room where you can lock the door. Your cell phone should be fully charged!

5) Treat it as an office interview

Researc says you’re more likely to feel and sound professional if you look the part, so dress as you would for a face-to-face interview. Put a mirror on your desk to see your facial expressions when you talk. Remember to smile: You can’t sound bored or uninterested if you have a smile on your face.

6) The best part - The invisibility factor!

Phone interviews are a lot like open-book tests. You can have all the information you need to know (about the company and the person conducting the interview right in front of you). Keep tabs open in a browser like company information, statistics, competitors etc in case you may need it.

7) Crisp and Concise answers are a MUST

You have less time to make a good impression. Avoid long-winded answers. Keep your responses to no more than three sentences.

And if you are not able to make it still, life doesn't end. This is what you need!