5 reasons you cannot miss Conscious Collective

5 reasons you cannot miss Conscious Collective
Building on its deep-rooted ethos of sustainability, Godrej & Boyce will be unveiling its pioneering initiative, the 'Conscious Collective' platform soon. The platform is a transformative step towards integrating sustainability into design and lifestyle choices. Conscious Collective strives to usher in an era underscored by design-led innovation – the foundation for which is built on the three pillars of sustainable materials, environment and built spaces.

The forthcoming two-day launch event, scheduled for December 9-10, 2023, symbolises a tribute to pioneers and innovators dedicated to reshaping our world into a greener, healthier, and more sustainable habitat for future generations.

Here’s what you can expect:

Immersive installations

Embark on a visionary journey through innovative sustainability at its finest. Architect Krittika Agarwal redefines urban landscapes by intricately blending Assam's heritage with lightweight timber, bamboo, and lime plaster, counterbalancing the environmental toll of modern materials. Artist Sajid Wajid Shaikh's collaborative endeavour explores the subjective realm of hearing, celebrating the art of listening to foster empathetic communities.

Architect Tejas Sidnal's interactive masterpiece invites active participation, igniting conversations about carbon capture technology through creative expression. Meanwhile, Chhail Khalsa's immersive installation intricately weaves 'smart textiles' into an abstract urban forest, embedding sensors to emphasise the interplay between design, wellbeing, community, and the environment. Expect an experiential showcase transcending boundaries, highlighting purposeful sustainability and inviting active engagement in shaping a conscious future.

Conscious experiences

Anticipate an experiential escapade that aims to heighten awareness, and offer profound insights into preservation and holistic wellbeing. The transformative "Gong Bath," led by Sound & Vibration Therapist Bambi Mathur and Sound Therapist Aparna Sundar, promises a rejuvenating journey for the mind, body, and soul. This fosters conscious living through immersive sound therapy. You can also enjoy lively musical performances by Dharavi Reloaded and Sushma Soma. While culinary geniuses Chef Avinash Martins & Chef Harsh Kedia bring in masterclasses and experiential lunches catered to different taste buds and food lovers.

Engaging conversations

Embark on a journey to reimagine sustainability for a greener and healthier planet by participating in conversations by luminaries across design and architecture. Distinguished figures like architect and urbanist Rahul Mehrotra, internationally acclaimed innovator Anupama Kundoo, and influential environmentalist Bittu Sahgal, spearhead enlightening panel discussions and deliver keynote speeches. Joining them are celebrated figures such as Brinda Somaya, a passionate architect and conservationist, visionary Cristian Dobrick from West8, and urban planning expert Madhav Pai, the executive director of WRI India Ross Center for Sustainable Cities.

Expect insightful discussions centred on sustainable architecture, futuristic design, and the integration of sustainable materiality, promising an enlightening exchange of ideas and perspectives that inspire transformative action toward a more environmentally conscious and innovative future in the architectural landscape.

Interesting workshops

The workshops promise an enlightening educational journey with immersive workshops curated for innovation and sustainability. In the "Digital Fabrication" workshop led by the ingenious 3D Wizard, dive into the expansive possibilities of 3D printing, mastering techniques in modelling, scanning, and printing with materials like concrete and LF3D, tailored for diverse sectors. Meanwhile, explore the possibility of turning ordinary scrap materials into extraordinary works of art with a children's art workshop by the Museum of Goa.

Moreover, entry to the exhibitions and conversations is free, ensuring accessibility for all. Join the Conscious Collective platform in celebrating and advancing a sustainable and conscious future

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