scorecardNGT concerned over 'inaction' on water quality of Yamuna
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NGT concerned over 'inaction' on water quality of Yamuna

NGT concerned over 'inaction' on water quality of Yamuna
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Noting the "shocking data" of decreasing water quality in Yamuna river, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has said it shows "utter lack of adequate action" and monitoring by higher authorities of Delhi, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh.
The green court made the remark while dealing with a plea against pollution of Yamuna.
"Delhi has many areas that don't have a proper sewer network. Over 20 per cent of the population is yet to get a proper sewer network. Moreover, over 80 per cent of the sewage treatment plants (STP) don't meet the standards," the plea pointed out referring a DPCC official.
The greivance also highlighted a media report published in January which mentioned that the pollution in Yamuna has worsened with the faecal bacteria level being at a record high of 14 times than what existed three months ago.
In the order recently passed by NGT chairperson Adarsh Kumar, it was noted that unfortunately the authorities concerned did not consider the sensitivity of the matter.
Noting that the grim situation, the tribunal directed the Chief Secretary of Delhi to ascertain latest factual position and submit his report via mail within two months with explanation as to why coercive and penal measures be not taken in terms of fixing accountability for such blatant failure of the authorities in protecting the water quality of the Yamuna.
It may also be necessary to seek similar reports from Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.
The reports of Chief Secretaries may be in a consolidated manner in the light of inter-departmental review and ground realities, the court said.
"It remains a matter of concern that authorities should not be able to maintain river flowing in the Capital of India clean inspite of clear roadmap Afor its rejuvenation and clear directions of Tribunal," the order said.
"How the continuing loss to environment and public health should be ignored is beyond anyone's comprehension. It is shocking to note the data relating to water quality of Yamuna and the pollution load posted by DPCC on its website depicting that drains remain un-trapped even after a year of the last order. This shows utter lack of adequate action and monitoring by higher authorities," the order read.
Further the green court asked Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to review the situation at higher levels and take remedial action and also sought the earlier-appointed Central Monitoring Committee to file its latest status report