Learn over 30 languages, mental maths and solve textbook maths with these mobile apps

Learn over 30 languages, mental maths and solve textbook maths with these mobile apps

Students move to online learning platforms to learn new skills and technologies. However, it is not limited to young audience and job seekers only. Children as young as one year and students in early stages of schooling can also take ‘help’ from digital learning.

These apps eased interactions with co-learners and instructors along with organising learning across levels.

The online learning industry is booming in India. It’s user base expected to hit 9.6 million by 2021, which was 1.6 million in 2016, as per a KPMG report.


Duolingo, which claims to have 300 million active learners is a free mobile platform that offers to learn over 30 languages— Spanish, French, German, Japanaese and others. The app teaches the selected language along with practice sessions to help brush up the language.

King of Maths

King of Maths is a gamified way to learn maths, quickly. The app teaches basics of addition and subtraction to along with exponential powers bifurcated according to the levels of difficulty. It also helps sharpen mental math skills.

YouTube for Kids — to learn via visuals

As the name suggests, YouTube with Kids is a video app targeting children between the ages of 0-5 years. The app aims to provide a safer online experience to kids.

It offers features like ‘Limit screen time’ — which allows parents to set a time limit to the watch hours — and ‘blocking and flagging in case of inappropriate content.

Google classroom

The app works in over 60 languages for anyone who has a Google account. It acts as a medium of interaction between learners and instructors. It allows to create classrooms, distribute assignments and track in an organised manner.

NCERT Solutions

NCERT Solutions is a free app that provides the solutions to all the NCERT books and other reference books like RD Sharma and RS Aggarwal for Maths. It allows the user to view the answers and solutions with no internet access as well.

It works for students across classes — from Std. I to XII.

Hello English

The app claims to have 15 million learners and allows users to learn English language and grammar, explaining meanings and inferences in several languages including Hindi, Urdu, Tamil and Nepali.

The app contains over 400 lessons along with practice games and tips. The user can also speak into the app to improve spoken English.

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