Apple’s new patent may use ultrasonic haptic technology to make virtual reality more realistic

Apple’s new patent may use ultrasonic haptic technology to make virtual reality more realistic
  • Apple recently patented ultrasonic haptic soundwave technology.
  • With ultrasonic haptic feedback, users will get the desired sensation in virtual reality.
  • Rumors suggest that Apple is working on a mixed-reality headset that may use ultrasonic haptic soundwaves.
The US Patent and Trademark Office has officially granted Apple a patent in relation to haptic output components that generate ultrasonic sound waves. The US patent no 11,347,312 granted to Apple hints at a piece of equipment that could be used in a controller or head-mounted display to provide users haptic feedback using ultrasonic sound waves while playing games or interacting with virtual objects.

As per the patent, Apple’s ultrasonic haptic soundwaves may also let users feel rain, breeze or sense other virtual reality or mixed reality environment via its long-rumoured AR/ VR headset.

AR/ VR headsets available in the market do not provide haptic feedback, which is an element that has the potential to enhance the reality element in the virtual reality experience. The patent filing from Apple suggests that it wants to solve this issue by using ultrasonic haptic soundwaves in AR/ VR headsets.

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Ultrasonic haptic soundwaves may bring metaverse closer to reality
Companies such as Meta, Nvidia, Epic Games, Microsoft, Roblox Corporation and more are investing billions of dollars in mixed and virtual reality technology. These companies are using new metaverse focused hardware and software to create a lag-free and seamless experience in the metaverse.

Not only big tech giants such as Apple, California based startup, Emerge is also working on devices that uses ultrasonic waves to create a sensation of touch. The company says, its Wave-1 tabletop panel beams ultrasonic waves into the air. When the user moves their hand around or in front of the panel while interacting with any virtual object, they will get haptic feedback.

Here’s a demo video-

According to a report, 78% of users miss the ability to physical interaction with people in the virtual world. Suppose, if Apple and other companies bring the ultrasonic haptic soundwaves to their head-mounted displays, haptic feedback may become a key pillar of social interaction in a virtual world.

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