Apple reportedly shows off its mixed-reality headset to board, hinting development has reached advanced stage

Apple reportedly shows off its mixed-reality headset to board, hinting development has reached advanced stage
  • Apple’s headset may combine virtual and augmented reality features.
  • AR/ VR headset will be the company’s new product category since smartwatch.
  • Apple has not made any official statement on AR/ VR headsets yet.
Apple has been exploring virtual reality and augmented reality technology for quite some time. Apple’s mixed reality headset continues to appear in reports and rumours. Apple has not officially released any statement but the latest reports claim that Apple has showcased the device to its board members.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple executives previewed a mixed-reality headset among its board member and CEO Tim Cook for the first time, hinting that the development of the headset has reached an advanced stage.

The VR/AR headset is going to be Apple’s new product category since the launch of the Apple Watch in 2015. We can assume, that the headset will be Apple’s next big product as AR/VR industry is currently dominated by Meta.

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Rumours about Apple’s mixed-reality headset
Rumours hints that the headset can feature an advanced processor equivalent in terms of performance to the M1 chipset along with an ultra-high-resolution 4K micro-OLED display. It might feature eye-tracking capabilities and hand gesture supports.

Apple’s headset may also sport AR tech with 15 cameras across the device and spatial audio. All these features can be backed by the realityOS operating system. Keeping rumoured features in mind, this technology won’t come cheap.

A report from Counterpoint Research says that Meta’s Quest 2 is the first VR headset to cross 10 million sales. This could be the right time for Apple to take steps in AR/ VR market because VR/ AR devices from Meta and Sony are becoming more mainstream. Also, Google is working on AR glasses for the future.

Apple headset was all set to unveil in 2019 with a release date in 2020. Apple later aimed to announce it in 2021. All these delays suggest that the company can reveal its headset in 2022 or 2023.

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