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Best apps for Instagram hashtags and captions

Best apps for Instagram hashtags and captions
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  • Hashtags and captions are important to expand your Instagram reach.
  • User can create their own hashtag on Instagram to promote any products or services.
  • Below, check out the best apps which you can use to generate hashtags and captions.
The hashtag and caption have become critical elements of your social media posts. Now, it's rare to see a social media post without a caption or hashtag, especially on Instagram. Hashtags and captions are easily created and are searchable, also they have become an effective tool for marketing products and services online. They are widely used by creators, businesses, celebrities, organizations, and many others.
Hashtags and captions have become an integral part of Instagram as now you can follow specific hashtags to stay updated on the topic. You can create your own hashtag to promote a new product or service.
If you are a creator, organization, or willing to promote any business, product, or service individually, hashtags and captions can increase audience reach. But if you are not sure about which hashtags or captions to use, there are different AI-enabled apps that will automatically generate hashtags and captions as per photo and keywords.
But with a plethora of hashtags and captions apps coming out every week it gets difficult to choose the best one. Here we have listed down some best apps which you can use for generating Instagram captions and hashtags in 2022.
InStore (Android/ iOS: Free/ in-app purchase)
Developer: AppyHigh

It is an AI-enabled app that is available on Google Play Store and App Store. It auto-generates hashtags and captions by analyzing keywords and images, helping users in making their Instagram posts more relatable.
The app features a photo editor that lets you do some touch up to the images before uploading. Alongside generating hashtags and captions it also offers resizing tools and video maker.
Flick Hashtags (Android/ iOS: Free)
Developer: Flick

It is another app that you can use to find the right hashtags for Instagram. The app comes with a seven-day free trial so that you get a good idea of what this app is about.
in Tags - Hashtags generator (Android: Free/ in-app purchase)
Developer: Prilaga

The ‘in Tags’ is a hashtag generator app that helps to create a unique set of hashtags for different social media platforms including Instagram. Captions and hashtags can be generated by using keywords and frequency ranges. It also comes with hashtag analytics that helps in deciding which hashtags will be more effective.
Capshun (Android: Free)
Developer: Capshun

This app provides you with over 50,000 captions including jokes, quotes, and more. The Capshun app uses AI technology to generate appropriate captions. Additionally, the app also curates a list of trending hashtags.
Captions for Instagram photos (Android: Free/ in-app purchase)
Developer: Caption Plus

With so many filters and categories, Caption Plus provides the most suitable captions and hashtags to complement your photos. The app comes with a number of filters and categories and to use it all you have to do is open the Caption Plus app and browse your favorite caption and hashtag for Instagram.
Leetags (Android/ iOS: Free/ in-app purchase)
Developer: Leetags

Leetags is a hashtag and caption generator for Instagram. It has thousands of hashtag categories and subcategories to choose from. Also, the app has a translation for more than 100 languages and a database with millions of hashtags which allows you to browse hashtags and captions offline.