Google to stop offering unlimited WhatsApp backups – here’s what it means for you and me

Google to stop offering unlimited WhatsApp backups – here’s what it means for you and me
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  • Google has announced that it is ending unlimited WhatsApp backups for Android users.
  • In other words, WhatsApp backups will now count towards your free storage provided by Google.
  • Google currently provides users with 15GB of free storage, which counts towards Google Drive, Photos and Gmail.
Google has announced that it is ending unlimited storage for WhatsApp backups for Android users, bringing it on par with other platforms. WhatsApp had introduced Google Drive backups in 2015, making it easier for users to back up their data, including chats, images and videos.

The two companies have now confirmed that unlimited Google Drive backups for WhatsApp are ending soon, meaning WhatsApp backups will start counting towards your 15GB free storage limit offered by Google.

“WhatsApp backups on Android will soon start counting toward your Google Account cloud storage limit, similar to how WhatsApp backups are handled on other mobile platforms,” Google said in its post.

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The 15GB free storage limit offered by Google counts towards items stored in Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos. WhatsApp backups are stored in Google Drive and the backups so far were not included in this limit.

What does it mean for users


With Google ending support for unlimited backups, you will soon have to manage your Google Drive storage to make sure that you don’t run out of space. If you do run out of storage, not only will you not be able to back up your WhatsApp chats and media, you will also stop receiving emails on the account.

The new change comes into effect from December 2023 for beta users, so you have a couple of days to sort out your storage, making sure you have enough space in your account. For regular users, the change will come into effect from early next year.

“WhatsApp backups on Android will continue to work, as long as you have available space within your Google Account storage. If you hit your storage limit, you’ll need to free up space to resume backups by removing items you do not need,” Google added.


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