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Here’s how you can upload better quality images on WhatsApp

Here’s how you can upload better quality images on WhatsApp
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  • WhatsApp reduces the size of images that you send via its messaging platform.
  • However, you can choose to improve the quality by changing the settings.
  • Follow the steps below to send better quality images.
WhatsApp aims to provide faster data transfer even with limited connectivity. To achieve it, it compresses the images you send. The instant messaging platform from Meta automatically resizes images before it is being sent to the receiver.

Even if the image is of high quality, WhatsApp acts as an image compressor and reduces the quality and size of the image before sending it. However, it allows managing of storage and data through the settings.

You can choose to auto-download media files only when you are on Wi-Fi, on mobile data or while roaming and use less data for calls. With this setting, you should also be able to manage the media upload quality.

Improve the quality of photo uploads
If you are looking to send better quality images on WhatsApp, here’s how to do it.

  • First you should open the WhatsApp application on your phone.
  • Now, tap on the three-dot icon at top-left on your Android phone and select Settings from the drop-down menu or the Settings icon at the bottom of an iPhone.
  • On the Settings page, tap on Storage and data options.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and under the Media upload quality, tap on Photo upload quality.
  • Here, you can choose between the Auto (recommended), Best quality and Data saver option. To send images in the best quality, you should select the option.
When you select the best quality option, it automatically improves the quality of the images you send via WhatsApp. However, even with this option, WhatsApp compresses the image and reduces its size to save the data. Most of the resizing that WhatsApp does is to support the application even for Mobile data users, who are data conscious due to the limited data availability.

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