WhatsApp double verification feature – what is it and how it works

WhatsApp double verification feature – what is it and how it works
  • WhatsApp has been rolling out new features to enhance user experience and security.
  • The Facebook-owned messaging app is now working on another security feature.
  • This feature is still under development, but here’s what it looks like and how it works.
WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging services used by nearly two billion users. However, despite continuous updates and new features being added, scams and frauds still remain a concern for users.

Now, according to a new report by WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo, the company is working to bring a new feature called double verification which will work as an extra layer of security. This feature will be helpful to prevent accounts from being stolen.

To provide privacy and security, WhatsApp recently added the ability to customize privacy settings and Code Verify features to WhatsApp.

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Here’s how the WhatsApp double verification feature works
Currently, if someone logs in to a WhatsApp account, the user is only required to enter a 6-digit code, but with this new feature, a second code will also be sent to the owner of the phone number to keep them aware and prevent accounts from being stolen.

When the first attempt to log into a WhatsApp account is successful, another 6-digit code is needed to complete the process. This ensures twice the amount of login security than currently available.

WhatsApp double verification feature – what is it and how it works

When is this feature expected to be released?
The feature is under development and is expected to be introduced for both iOS and Android users. At the moment, it is not clear when it will be made available, but it gives us an idea that it is being worked upon actively.

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