ICICI Bank launched WhatsApp banking services amid the Coronavirus lockdown

Rounak Jain
  • ICICI Bank launched WhatsApp banking services amid the Coronavirus lockdown.
  • The WhatsApp banking service allows users to avail several banking services while sitting at home.
  • Customers can view their balance, transaction history, credit card bill, etc.
ICICI Bank announced the launch of banking services over the popular messaging app WhatsApp amid the nationwide lockdown to help its customers.

The service is available to the bank’s retail customers and allows them to check their savings account balance, view the last three transactions, check their credit card limit, get details of pre-approved loans and block/unblock debit and credit cards.

“We have introduced this service on WhatsApp, one of the most popular instant messaging applications in the world. Our retail customers can execute a host of their banking requirements on their own, without visiting a branch. The services are instantaneous and secure,” said Anup Bagchi, executive director of ICICI Bank.


How to use ICICI WhatsApp banking

To begin your chat with ICICI Bank, save the bank’s number – 9324953001 and send the message ‘Hi’ on WhatsApp from your registered mobile number. The bank will then reply with a list of available services.

Services available through ICICI WhatsApp banking

Check account balance


To check your account balance, you can type the following keywords –

‘balance’, ‘bal’ and ‘ac bal’.

View last 3 transactions

To view the last 3 transactions on your account, type the following keywords –

‘transaction’, ‘history’ and ‘stmt’.

Get the nearest ICICI Bank ATM and branch details

To get information about the nearest ICICI Bank ATM and branch, type –


‘ATM’ and ‘branch’.

View available credit limit and outstanding balance

To view your available credit limit and outstanding balance, type –

‘cc limit’, ‘cc balance’ and ‘limit’.

To block/unblock debit and credit cards

To block or unblock your ICICI Bank debit or credit card, type –

‘block’, ‘unblock’ and ‘lost my card’ and follow the instructions.


Get information about pre-approved instant loans

To get information about pre-approved instant loans, type the keywords –

‘loan’, ‘home loan’, ‘instant loan’ and ‘personal loan’.

Get information about available offers


To get information about offers available to you, type –

‘offers’ and ‘discounts’.

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