scorecardPUBG: New State — Here are our initial impressions about the new battle royale game
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PUBG: New State — Here are our initial impressions about the new battle royale game

PUBG: New State — Here are our initial impressions about the new battle royale game
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  • Krafton has launched its latest battle royale game, PUBG: New State.
  • The game currently offers three maps – Troi, Erangel 2051 and Station (Beta).
  • Here are our initial impressions after playing a few games.

Krafton has finally released the much-awaited battle royale game PUBG: New State. During the initial launch, players faced some server issues, resulting in a delayed launch. However, it has still crossed one million downloads in 24 hours.

The gameplay during the first day was buggy and we also noticed some crashes. However, Krafton has now pushed a small update that has removed these bugs.

Pre-registration rewards

As promised, users who had pre-registered for the game have received in-game rewards, including a car skin, profile frame and medals.

Graphic settings

Users can select the graphics quality and frame rate based on their device and personal preference. Krafton is currently allowing users to choose up to “Ultra” graphics and “Max” frame rate. An option for “Extreme” is shown for both the settings but is currently not supported.


If you are coming from PUBG: Mobile or Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), it will take some time for you to get used to the game. While not much has changed in terms of combat mechanics, the sensitivity and handling may require some getting used to.

One of the major changes to the game includes the addition of trunks to vehicles. Vehicle trunk allows players to store items in their vehicle, allowing them to free up storage in their bag.

The UAZ, for example, has a capacity of 500, allowing you to store a lot of items without worrying about running out of bag space. Do note that these items will be destroyed if the vehicle is destroyed.

Drone Store

The Drone Store is a new addition that allows you to purchase items that get delivered by a drone. You can select the item and then select a location near you to get it delivered by spending Drone Credits which can be found throughout the game.

The main highlight of the Drone Store is the Green Flare Gun. It can be used to bring back dead teammates. All you need to do is equip the gun and fire it in the air. The revived players will then return to the game.

Another important item that you can get from the Drone Store is the Scout Drone which can be used to monitor or scout areas before you attack.



Troi is the flagship map in the game. It is set in 2051 and is filled with modern architecture and improved aesthetics. You will also have access to a new electric car, the Volta and a tram.

Some of the key areas in this map include Bay Area, Mesa, Loganville, Alamo, City Park and Exhibition Hall. The map also includes some buildings that have bulletproof glass, allowing you to trick players into revealing their location without getting damaged.

Erangel 2051

Erangel 2051 is similar to the traditional Erangel that you can find in PUBG: Mobile or BGMI. Krafton has only added visual changes to Erangel 2051. The buildings now feature a modernized design while retaining the earlier layout.

Station (Beta)

The Station map is suitable for users looking for a fast-paced team deathmatch experience. It is a 10-minute round and the first team to reach 40 kills in this time wins the game. There’s not much you have to do in this mode apart from shooting as you already have weapons with you and don’t need to search for them.


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