Telegram's latest update lets users react to messages, translate them and generate QR codes

Telegram's latest update lets users react to messages, translate them and generate QR codes
Encrypted messaging app Telegram has started rolling out its latest update for its iPhone as well as iPad app with several new features, including message reactions, translation, hidden text and more.

Users can now double tap on a message bubble and a small thumbs-up emoji will appear at the bottom of that message. A user can change the emoji for this quick reaction in the app under Settings > Stickers and Emoji > Quick Reaction. For more reactions, tap and hold on a message bubble.

Telegram is also rolling out support for "Spoiler Alert" messages that blur out selected portions of text until a user clicks on the option.

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Now one can translate any message into another language, right in the app. Enabling Translation in Settings > Language adds a dedicated Translate button to the context menu when selecting a message. One can also exclude any languages you speak fluently - which will hide the translate button for those messages.

Translation is available on all Android devices that support Telegram, but requires iOS 15+ on Apple devices. The list of available languages depends on the user's phone's operating system.


Another new feature is the ability to generate themed QR codes for any users that have a public username, as well as for groups, channels, and bots.

Tap the new QR code icon next to the username of a person (or from a chat's info page), choose the colours and pattern that fit best, then print, post or share your QR code to other apps.


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