Twitter is now letting users retweet with videos and photos — here’s how it works

Twitter is now letting users retweet with videos and photos — here’s how it works
Twitter's new retweet feature is being tested on the iOS app.Twitter
  • Twitter is testing a new feature on its iOS app.
  • This feature lets users retweet with photos and videos.
  • It’s similar to TikTok’s video replies and Instagram’s visual replies for Reels.
Twitter has started testing a new feature that lets you react to tweets with a video or a photo in what seems like another experiment by the company. The new feature will let you either record a video or take a photo along with the tweet embedded in the reaction.

This feature is currently being tested on Twitter’s iOS app. so it is not available to everyone just yet. Also, since it’s a test we don’t know if Twitter will actually release it for all users.

Tweet reactions seem to be Twitter’s next big experiment after its version of ephemeral stories ‘Fleets’ which it axed due to low usage.

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Coming back to tweet reactions, iOS users can start using it following these steps.

  • Open the Twitter app, select any tweet and tap the Retweet button.
  • You’ll see a new option to “Quote Tweet with reaction.”
  • Tap that and record a video or capture a photo of yourself or anything else you want to.
  • The video and photo will also have the tweet embedded inside which you can drag or resize.
  • You can also use one from your phone’s camera roll.
  • The quoted tweets with video or photo will appear in the timeline.
Twitter’s new feature appears to be similar to TikTok’s video replies that lets users reply with reaction videos. It’s a feature Instagram also recently adopted for Reels.

Given Twitter’s 2021 history of going out of its comfort zone and experimenting with features similar to apps like TikTok and Instagram, it’s not very surprising to see this new retweet feature. But considering how Twitter has always remained quite different from these apps, it’s interesting to see whether this feature will actually gain traction with users.

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