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Check out upcoming new WhatsApp features in 2023

Check out upcoming new WhatsApp features in 2023
Tech4 min read
  • WhatsApp is planning to bring avatars and screenshot-blocking features in 2023.
  • Some of the given features are already being tested by beta users.
  • Here's a breakdown of the top upcoming WhatsApp features in 2023.
Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp updates with new features and tools to enhance the user experience. By the end of 2022, or the beginning of 2023, WhatsApp users can expect many new features from WhatsApp for both business and personal accounts.

Recently, WhatsApp has increased the file sharing limit to 2GB and launched a new feature, Communities. Besides this, new message reactions are also available to general users.

This article looks at expected WhatsApp features to launch by the end of 2022 or by the beginning of 2023. Our list also includes different under-development features that have been spotted by the community or so.

Screenshot blocking

Currently, this feature is in beta testing. The screenshot-blocking feature will prevent users from taking screenshots of the ‘view once’ video and images. Users can use this feature to enable screen recording and capturing restrictions for media that are being shared. All users could soon have access to this feature by the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023.

Clickable links on WhatsApp status

With this feature, users can enable hyperlink URLs in the caption in status updates similar to ‘story’ on Instagram. This will allow viewers to access URLs by simply clicking on the links.

WhatsApp Premium for Businesses

Reportedly, WhatsApp is developing a subscription service for WhatsApp Business. Similar to premium services like Telegram, WhatsApp Premium for Business will give some extra perks, such as custom business links and connecting more than four devices to a single account.

New Business Tool tab in WhatsApp Business

Soon, users will have a new tab, Business Tool, on the app’s home screen. This new tab allows users to immediately access Business Tools without going through in-app settings. The new tab will include a company profile, Instagram, and Facebook ad connectivity.


Since the launch of Avatars on Facebook and Instagram, we may soon see Avatar on WhatsApp. According to wabetainfo, WhatsApp is planning to introduce avatars. Using them, you may use an avatar as a mask while making the video call and as a sticker.

Companion Mode - multi-device sync

The WhatsApp Companion Mode will allow users to link a secondary mobile device to their existing WhatsApp account, including tablets. Users can only link their existing WhatsApp account to a desktop using Web WhatsApp.

The increased time limit for deleting sent messages

WhatsApp is planning to increase the time limit for deleting the sent messages. Currently, users can delete the sent messages within 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds.

Ability for admins to delete unwanted messages in the group

This feature allows the group admin to delete messages from the group chat. Once the admin deletes the message, it won’t be available to any group member.

Retrieve deleted messages on WhatsApp

The WhatsApp beta users already have access to this feature, and it is anticipated that by the beginning of 2023, it will be available to all other users as well.

WhatsApp Private Newsletter

According to WABetaInfo, this feature will allow users to create a broadcast chat that others can subscribe to. Once a newsletter is created, it will appear in the status tab and can be joined by others through a newsletter invite link or by searching for the newsletter username within WhatsApp.

Lock chat

With the Lock chat feature, users can now enjoy extra security to safeguard their confidential conversations from unauthorized access. Once a chat is locked, it can only be accessed by the user's fingerprint or passcode, ensuring nobody else can open it. This new ‘Lock Chat’ feature has been designed to enhance the privacy and protection of user data.

View once audio

According to the report, WhatsApp is developing a new feature known as ‘view once audio,’ enabling users to send audio messages that can only be played once. Like the view once pictures feature, the view once audio messages cannot be saved, forwarded, or recorded, ensuring the utmost privacy. To use this feature, users must select the ‘view once’ option each time they wish to send a view once photo or video.

New text editor

Wabetainfo has reported that WhatsApp is in the process of introducing a new dedicated edit button for texts. The messaging app is currently testing this feature in the beta version of the app. Currently, there is no dedicated edit option, meaning once a text is sent, it cannot be edited, only deleted. However, with the new edit button, users will be able to edit their texts even after sending them.