Upcoming WhatsApp features: New admin controls, shortcuts for quick replies, message reactions and more

Upcoming WhatsApp features: New admin controls, shortcuts for quick replies, message reactions and more
  • WhatsApp continues to add new features to its application on iOS and Android.
  • Better admin control in groups will come to WhatsApp with the “Delete message for everyone feature”.
  • WhatsApp is also rolling out a new shortcut to send quick replies for WhatsApp Business users.
WhatsApp had become a household name years ago and it continues to be the most used instant messaging app in the world. WhatsApp has come a long way despite falling into numerous controversies and it keeps up with new features to become even more user-friendly, or complex with time and demand. While 2021 was a busy year for WhatsApp, the future doesn’t seem to be any different as we take a look at all the upcoming Whatsapp features.

The upcoming features including delete messages for everyone and a new shortcut for quick replies should reach the users soon. Currently, the delete messages for everyone feature is under development while the shortcut for quick replies is rolling out for select beta users on iOS and Android platforms. Let’s take a look at more such features.

Delete message for everyone

This new feature is expected to be the first beta update for the next year. It will let group admins delete any incoming message. According to WABetaInfo, whenever a message is deleted by the group admins, it will show up a message saying “This was removed by an admin”.
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Upcoming WhatsApp features: New admin controls, shortcuts for quick replies, message reactions and more

Although the release date of this feature is unknown, it gives more authority to group admins and helps them moderate the group better. WhatsApp recently updated its message deletion feature for all users, allowing them to revoke any messages within 7 days and 8 minutes.

Quick Replies


This feature is being added to WhatsApp Business on both iOS and Android platforms. Earlier users had to type “/” in the chatbox to select from the frequently sent messages to respond quickly. Now, the same feature is being added to the chat share action menu.
Upcoming WhatsApp features: New admin controls, shortcuts for quick replies, message reactions and more

As shown in the screenshot shared by WABetaInfo, users will have another entry point to select the Quick Replies messages. This feature is currently in the roll-out phase for select beta testers. If you have not received it yet, you should wait for the next few updates before the feature is rolled out on your device.

Sticker Store

WhatsApp is testing a sticker store that will allow you to select stickers you want to send someone on both its desktop and web applications. This app is currently in its beta phase and will soon be available to all users.


With the communities feature, group admins will be able to control multiple groups or make sub-groups. This allows more control to the admin without having to switch between groups to moderate and lets them communicate from one place. The feature is still in the testing phase and you may see it sometime next year.


Message reactions

Similar to Instagram and Facebook, WhatsApp users will also be able to react to messages with emojis. Currently, there are six emoji reactions being tested in this feature. The reactions will also be visible to the sender of the message. Although there is no confirmation on when you will receive this update, it is expected to change how users respond to messages.

Sticker Suggestions

If you have any sticker packs downloaded on WhatsApp, then the sticker icon will change whenever you type something that matches one or more of your stickers. You should note that WhatsApp doesn’t know the stickers that are suggested as they are done only on your device and not on WhatsApp’s server. This feature is rolled out for users.

Forward stickers without saving

WhatsApp users will soon be able to forward stickers without saving them. Currently, users are required to save a sticker they receive and then select it from the stickers menu to send it, but with this new feature, users will be able to do it directly without having to save them.

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