I tried WhatsApp’s new dark mode and now my 3 am chats don’t burn my eyes

I tried WhatsApp’s new dark mode and now my 3 am chats don’t burn my eyes
  • WhatsApp is rolling out its new dark theme for Android and iOS users.
  • The new update includes a default wallpaper that dynamically adjusts the background based on the theme set.
  • While the WhatsApp dark theme works on all versions of Android, iPhone users not running on iOS 13 are out of luck.
WhatsApp dark mode is finally available for both iOS and Android. After months of beta testing, WhatsApp is rolling out the new dark theme to iPhone users running on iOS 13 and above, and all Android users.

One of the biggest complaints with WhatsApp has been the fact that it has lacked a dark theme. Apple, Google and other smartphone makers figured out how to offer a dark theme years ago, but WhatsApp has gotten around to it only now.

Nonetheless, WhatsApp’s new dark theme comes as a pleasant surprise, especially as WhatsApp doesn’t offer many new features or design changes.

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In addition to a dark theme, WhatsApp also tweaked its default wallpaper that changes its background colour based on the theme, which shows that this new theme is well-rounded and consistent.

WhatsApp dark theme availability

WhatsApp’s new dark theme is available for all Android users regardless of the Android version on their phones.

On iPhones, you will need iOS 13 otherwise you’re out of luck.

My 3 am chats don’t burn my eyes anymore

I tried WhatsApp’s new dark mode and now my 3 am chats don’t burn my eyes

Prior to the dark theme, the best you could do was use a dark wallpaper to reduce the strain on your eyes at 3 am in the night. This meant that every time you open the app, the blinding light theme would light up the entire room and make it seem as if you were staring into the sun.

Well, not anymore.

I tried WhatsApp’s new dark mode and now my 3 am chats don’t burn my eyes

The dark theme is consistent across the app – everything, including the chat screen, contacts and even the app settings are dark now. The wallpaper also turns dark if you use the default one.

In addition to this, WhatsApp has also added the ability to automatically use your system theme. If you have the dark theme enabled on your phone, WhatsApp will also use dark theme, and vice-versa. This allows you to have a consistent experience across the board.

Apart from reducing the strain on your eyes, dark themes also use less power when compared to light themes. This is especially true for phones with OLED displays.

All apps need to have an option for a dark theme

Dark themes have really taken off in the last few years, but this is not a new concept at all. Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, for example, had a system-wide dark mode that worked in almost every app. Though Windows Phone failed, Microsoft had nailed the experience from an end user’s point of view.

On the other hand, Google doesn’t offer a cohesive dark mode experience even now. Although Google announced a dark theme a long time ago, it has failed to offer a seamless dark theme across apps. The main Google app, for example, still doesn’t have a dark theme.

This makes for a more disorienting experience, especially if you stay up at night.

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