YouTube Music launches 'Radio Builder' feature, allowing users to create custom stations based on favorite artists

YouTube Music launches 'Radio Builder' feature, allowing users to create custom stations based on favorite artists
YouTube Music launches 'Radio Builder' featureImage credits- Youtube
  • YouTube Music launched the ‘Radio Builder’ feature on Tuesday.
  • With the ability to customize up to 30 artists, and custom filters YouTube Music's ‘Radio Builder’ provides a lot more flexibility.
  • Regardless of whether you're a free or paid user, you can access the ‘Radio Builder’ feature for free.
Google has introduced a new feature called ‘Radio Builder’ for YouTube Music users, which allows them to create personalized stations based on their preferred artists. This feature was launched on Tuesday and can be accessed by navigating to the ‘Your music tuner’ section on the YouTube Music homepage within the iOS or Android app.

Last year, YouTube initiated testing of this feature, although YouTube Music already provided algorithmic stations and mixes but the ability to customize them is an excellent alternative when you want to listen to something particular but don't want to manually create a playlist.

As per Google representative Paul Pennington, the feature will be accessible on YouTube Music from anywhere, regardless of whether you're a free user or a paying subscriber.

Customize your radio station with up to 30 artist

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While creating your personalized station, you have the option to pick up to 30 artists and indicate whether you only want to listen to their music or include tracks from comparable musicians.

Additionally, you can instruct the system to play songs that you're already acquainted with, unfamiliar songs, or a combination of the two, and incorporate filters to fine-tune the blend. For instance, you could generate a station that plays lively new releases from Eden, Khalid, and more, or one that offers your preferred serene deep-cuts from Boygenius and the solo collections of its members.


To utilize this feature, you must visit the YouTube Music homepage and scroll down until you find the ‘Your music tuner’ section. The updated feature is being launched on iOS and Android in all countries where YouTube Music is accessible for both free and paid users.

While popular music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music provide radio features that enable users to create playlists based on a particular song or artist, they don't offer much customization beyond that. In comparison, YouTube Music's updated radio feature provides users with considerably more flexibility than its rivals.

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