Top ten most subscribed YouTube channels in the world

Top ten most subscribed YouTube channels in the world
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YouTube enjoys overwhelming popularity among all age groups around the world today. This highly innovative and resourceful video sharing service lets the users watch, like, comment, share, and upload their own videos. Today, this free to use service provides the most extensive space online for people to discover what they like.

Social Blade’s (SB) ranking gauges a channel’s influence on the public based on a list of metrics like average view counts and the number of other channel widgets listed. SB awards A+, A, and A- ranking to highly influential channels. Social Blade’s ranking strategy helps overcome the misleading channel view statistics to a large extent and measure a given channel’s influence in the right measure. Here are the most subscribed YouTube channels in the world based on SB ranking.

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#1 T-Series
T-Series has grabbed the top slot in the SM ranking. With 163 million subscribers and 14,841 videos, India’s largest music label, and movie studio have the largest following on YouTube. SB awards A++ grade to this channel.


#2 YouTube Movies
With 128 million subscribers, YouTube Movies sits in the second position on SB ranking. This channel has a massive collection of the latest movies and shows under different genres that are trending today.

#3 Music
Housing a massive collection of music videos and songs, Music occupies the third position on SB ranking. This YouTube channel has over 113 million subscribers. SB has given D- ranking to this channel.

#4 PewDiePie
Snatching the fourth place on SB ranking, PewDiePie has around 4,249 uploads and 108 million subscribers. Registered under the games category, this channel has a massive following among gaming enthusiasts.

#5 Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes
Created in 2006, Cocomelon is yet another influential YouTube channel with 99.4 million subscribers and 586 uploads. Registered under the education category, this channel has been awarded A++ grading by SB and is an excellent destination for those looking for nursery rhymes.

#6 SET India
Registered under the entertainment category, the SET India YouTube channel has 89.5 million subscribers and 44,516 uploads. Existing since 2005, this channel has been given an A++ grade and ranks sixth among the most influential YouTube channels.

#7 Gaming
Enjoying overwhelming popularity among gaming lovers, the Gaming YouTube channel has 82.7 million subscribers. Created in 2013, this channel enjoys a seventh place on SB ranking and deals mainly with top live games.

#8 Sports
The eighth place on SB ranking goes to Sports YouTube channel. Established in 2013, this sports channel has 74.9 million subscribers. Sports lovers find a great deal of interesting information about different kinds of sports on this channel.

#9 Kids Diana Show
In the ninth place on SB ranking, we find Kids Diana Show with 70.2 million subscribers. This entertainment channel was created in 2015 and has many useful, interesting, and educational content for kids.

#10 WWE
The tenth most subscribed YouTube channel as per SB ranking is WWE. With an A+ grade, this channel has 51,361 uploads and 70 million subscribers. This sports channel was created in 2007 and hosts a treasure of interesting videos for all sports lovers.

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