How to check your Laptop model and configuration

How to check  your Laptop model and configuration

When you start your laptop, you can view its basic configuration details displayed either in the PC info screen or the Windows System. However, these details are not exhaustive as you would get from the system utility which displays an in-depth account of your laptop’s details with regard to system configuration. Some of the most important details you will thus get from system information utility include the laptop model, services currently installed and running, a detailed information about the hardware components like the disk drive and devices. The system information utility can be run by using the Windows Run command.

Windows comes with a built-in utility that can be used to gather the laptop’s configuration details. Follow these steps to know your laptop’s configuration in detail.

Press the Windows Key. This will open the Start screen.

Type in "Run". Choose "Run" from the list of results you will see on the screen.

In the Open field, type in "msinfo32". After this, click on "OK". This will open the system information window on the screen. Here you will find the detailed information about the system configuration. On the left pane of the window you will find the list of categories and on the right side of the window pane you will see the description pertaining to every category you see.

From the right pane of the window you see now, you can get to know the general configuration of your laptop including BIOS version and the physical memory.

From the list of items, choose the information you want to know and double click on it. You will find a list of sub categories displayed. Click on the sub-category now to view the detailed information on the sub-category. For instance, if you wish to know the display related information of your laptop, you can double click on ‘Components’, and then click on ‘Display’. The three available categories are ‘Hardware Resources’, ‘Components’ and ‘Software Environment’.

The other ways to know the system configuration of your laptop


Click on the Start button and then enter ‘system’ in the search field. Choose ‘system information’ under the ‘programs’.


Click on ‘System summary’ and you will see the details regarding the operating system installed on the computer, the details of the processor and the basic input and output systems and the RAM details.


Double-click on "Components." From the list you will see in front of you, select a hardware device. You will get the details about its name, manufacturer’s name, location of the driver and other details.


Click on the Start button, right-click on "Computer" and then click on "Properties". This process will display the information about the laptop’s computer make and model, operating system, RAM specifications, and processor model.


In a Windows laptop, you cannot see the information bout the motherboard make and model. You can however use third party applications like CPU-Z or SiSoftware Sandra to know the details about the motherboard.


If you wish to search some specific details about your computer, go to System Information and then type in the relevant search term in the ‘Find What field’ and then click "Find".

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