Dyson V15 Detect review: The best just got better, but at a premium

Dyson V15 Detect review: The best just got better, but at a premium
  • Dyson recently launched its most advanced vacuum cleaner V15 Detect, in India.
  • It is priced at ₹62,900, which makes it an expensive piece of tech, but it's also one of a kind.
  • It's a good investment, but you must be sure of your cleaning requirement as it has some caveats. Is it for you? Read the full review to find out.
Dyson has launched another high-tech and high-priced vacuum cleaner in India. The latest machine is called Dyson V15 Detect and is touted as the most powerful and intelligent cordless vacuum cleaner to date; it better be as it's priced at a whopping ₹62,900, which makes it one of the most expensive cordless vacuum cleaners in the country.

The vacuum cleaner is the most popular product from the company for its visually distinctive design, and it's been among the favorites of many ever since it debuted in India. Having used the previous models of the machine, I can say the functionality is also as good as the design. Although, I am not sure of its durability in Indian homes as I've never used them for more than a month or two.
Dyson V15 Detect review: The best just got better, but at a premium
The Dyson V15 Detect still looks the same, but doesn't feel old.Business Insider/Sudhanshu Singh
The V15 Detect has been with me for around a month, and so far, it's been a great experience using it. It is said to have 1.5 times more suction and 54% more bin capacity than the Dyson V12 Detect Slim. This means the suction is more powerful and can now store more debris in the bin.

Why is the price so high?
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The price is not surprising for those aware of Dyson's products. As per the company, they usually carry a premium price tag for their design, service, and innovative technology. In addition, it has some great-sounding tech built inside, like a laser on the cleaning head to highlight microscopic dust particles, a sensor to track evidence of cleaning by gauging particle data, self-adjusting suction intensity, and a digital motor apart. All this in a good-looking cordless vacuum experience without compromising suction power.

So I decided to test all of these features and see whether it does what it promises, and if yes, is it worth the premium?

Design and build: Same futuristic laser blaster design
Dyson V15 Detect review: The best just got better, but at a premium
The bin on the V15 Detect is larger than its predecessor.Business Insider India/Sudhanshu Singh
As I mentioned, the design is similar to the V11 Absolute Pro, with a slightly larger 0.75-liter bin and handheld unit weighing 3.1kg. Unfortunately, the weight takes away the ease of use; although I didn't have an issue, someone like my 55-year-old mother would not be able to run it for a long stretch.
Dyson V15 Detect review: The best just got better, but at a premium
Business Insider India/Sudhanshu Singh
The increased weight is also because it has got some significant upgrades on the inside over its predecessor. The most prominent one is the 230W motor which is more powerful than the V11. Further, an acoustic piezo sensor tells the amount and type of dust particles it picks on an LCD and the remaining battery run time. I couldn't verify the particle data, but the battery stats are reliable so far. The particle stats essentially tell how dirty the floor is before and after cleaning.
Dyson V15 Detect review: The best just got better, but at a premium
The click and attach mechanism for attachments is still the same as seen on V11 range.Business Insider India/Sudhanshu Singh
The attachment mechanism remains the same. It has a simple click of a button to detach and insert to attach extensions and attachments. I really like this element of the Dyson design. Removing or adding parts to their products is a very satisfying experience and can quickly be done by anyone as it doesn't ask for added power or precision. That said, I faced some issues while opening the bin flap of its predecessor, which seems to be fixed on this one and is no longer flimsy. Although, it's still the exact push-to-eject mechanism as before.
Dyson V15 Detect review: The best just got better, but at a premium
The dust sticks to the bin's surface, which is why regular cleaning is a must.Business Insider India/Sudhanshu Singh
The quality of the material is consistent across the vacuum and its attachments. It also has a detachable battery. That means you can invest in a spare battery and double the output.

I miss a design feature on this machine: a lock switch for the power trigger. Right now, I must keep one finger on the button while using it. While not having a lock may avoid accidents, it's also tiring for some. So much so that I felt the need for it in just 15 minutes of cleaning. That's also because it's heavy. I'll have no discomfort putting one finger busy for long if this was a lighter machine.

Attachments: Made to reach anywhere but not to scratch hard stains
Unboxing Dyson's products is an inviting process, and repackaging them is a nightmare. Anyhow, it comes neatly packed in a box that has eight attachments.
Dyson V15 Detect review: The best just got better, but at a premium
Dyson V15 Detect's packaing is neat.Business Insider India/Sudhanshu Singh
There are two main cleaning heads of all. The first is the Laser Slim Fluffy cleaner head with a soft brush bar meant to clean hard floors without damaging them. Note that this is the only one with the green laser and the one I used the most at my home, where there's a mix of marble and tile flooring. The laser projects a green beam in front of the cleaning head, exposing the microscopic dust particles on the floor.

This particular feature is an addition to those obsessed with cleaning. I had a similar individual at my home, and trust me, they did not let the vacuum cleaner rest unless it died. Despite getting the floor cleaned with conventional 'jhadu and pochha' (broom and mop) in the afternoon, this laser showed a floor full of fine dust after a few hours. What's better is that you can clean floors even in the dark. Imagine someone with a habit of compulsive cleaning having this at home - they're going to have one arm more muscular than the other. Jokes aside, this feature not just wants you to clean more but also shows how dirty the floors are even when not visible to the naked eye.
Dyson V15 Detect review: The best just got better, but at a premium
The fluffy laser cleaner head is very effective on hard floor.Business Insider India/Sudhanshu Singh
The other cleaning head is the High-Torque, which is noisier and more powerful against bigger particles, hair, and rigid surfaces. It also has a layer of polycarbonate teeth which also scratches and collects soiled dust. A miniature version of this cleaning head, the Hair Screw Tool, is designed for smaller tasks that the High-Torque can't reach. But I noticed a few scratches on its bottom after cleaning my wooden cupboard, which is a letdown.
Dyson V15 Detect review: The best just got better, but at a premium
In a weird incident, the Hair Screw Tool got scratched after I used it on wood.Business Insider India/Sudhanshu Singh
Both the cleaning heads are movable, so you don't have to lift and change the cleaning path. Instead, you can tilt it to either side to turn the head in different directions. In addition, it comes with four more attachments that allow it to reach tight spaces like gaps between sofas, keyboards, cars, under the bed, and similar.
Dyson V15 Detect review: The best just got better, but at a premium
Business Insider India/Sudhanshu Singh
Lastly, you get a wall mount to make a stand for the machine and a storage clip that lets you attach two accessories to the extension tube’s barrel.
Dyson V15 Detect review: The best just got better, but at a premium
You get a storage clip that lets you attach two accessories to the extension tube’s barrel.Business Insider India/Sudhanshu Singh
These attachments cover most of the cleaning needs. But it can't mop, and that's a need in typical Indian households. It also fails to remove dry stains on the floor. So be clear that this tool can remove dust from every corner of your house but not wipe the floor.

Maintenance: Easy to keep clean and working

The Dyson V15 Detect doesn't really need a lot of maintenance, but there are a few things you need to clean periodically.

Dirt compartment- It is easy to clean; you just have to empty it and then wash it once in a while so that it doesn't collect debris in the corners. You might need to use a brush or a cloth to clean it.
Laser Slim Fluffy cleaner head roll- It comes with a soft brush roll made of a material that will need regular cold water. The laser sensor will also need cleaning if you use it regularly.
High Torque brush roll- You can detach the brush rolls by removing the side cover using a coin. Then slide out the brush roll to clear debris or hair without damaging the bristles.
HEPA filter- The HEPA filter is found on the top of the handheld unit, right below the LCD. It can be removed by twisting the purple head anti-clockwise. Like the fluffy brush roll, this must be washed under cold water when the machine indicates it. Make sure to put it back after drying it, and it's fixed properly.

Performance: It sucks so well that it blows away every other cordless alternative

This is where the Dyson V15 Detect shuts down the alternates and wins even at a higher price. After using it, I can confidently say that its only competition in terms of performance is a Dyson vacuum cleaner. The Indian market is still short of its alternatives; an advantage Dyson is leveraging.

I shifted to a new house in the first week of July, and guess who did most of the cleaning? This machine. I got a chance to use it on hard floors, small carpets, sofas, mattresses, car, and cupboards, and I'm pretty impressed with how quickly and easily it cleans all types of places and surfaces.

The cleaning heads do a brilliant job. Especially the laser head is great at picking up microscopic dust. Pass it through the floor once, and it's all gone. Check the image below.
Dyson V15 Detect review: The best just got better, but at a premium
Vacuumed area vs normal floor condition hidden from human eye. Business Insider India/Sudhanshu Singh
Even the intensity of suction changing with the floor and dust type is impressively accurate. You get to feel the heaviness and release while sweeping through the floor.

Overall, it is the best vacuum cleaner for cleaning efficiency and ease. But as I mentioned, it doesn't mop, and it doesn't scrub stains off the surfaces.

Charging and battery life

The first bummer after paying almost ₹63K for a vacuum cleaner is that it takes five hours to charge from 0-100%. That's a common issue with cordless vacuum cleaners. And with all that suction power, it only cleans for an hour in the best possible case. Put it on a thick carpet, which will come down to 40 minutes on 'Eco' mode.
Dyson V15 Detect review: The best just got better, but at a premium
LCD displays the suction modes. Auto is best for most requirements.Business Insider India/Sudhanshu Singh
It has three modes- Eco, Auto, and Boost.

Eco mode is the most power efficient and provides light suction, which is suitable for tile and marble floors. Auto mode adjusts the suction power as needed to give you a balance of cleaning and battery efficiency. And Boost mode uses the full force of the machine and offers lesser battery backup.

With a mixed-use on a marble floor, mattresses, and others, I got around 43 minutes in Eco mode, 19 minutes in Auto mode, and 11 minutes in Boost mode.

If you have a big house requiring over an hour of cleaning, buying an additional battery is best.

Should you buy it?
The high price of this vacuum cleaner strikes off a large chunk of the customer base for a market like India. However, that doesn't take away the utility of this machine and makes it a superb vacuum cleaner for those who want to make cleaning easy and need one solution for most cleaning needs.

Its powerful suction and ability to detect and remove microscopic dust are unmatched. Additionally, pet owners will find this extremely useful to pull their hair from carpets, sofas, and other surfaces.

Don't buy it if you're expecting to mop and if you have a large house, as it dies in under an hour and takes close to five hours to charge. Unless, of course, you are okay with investing in an extra battery.

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