Google teases much awaited AR glasses that hint at breaking language barriers

Google teases much awaited AR glasses that hint at breaking language barriers
  • Google Glass’s successor was teased at I/O 2022.
  • The AR glasses can translate the spoken word in real-time.
  • AR glasses appear to be an extremely early prototype but with a lot of potential.
This year Google wrapped its day one of I/O with one surprise- AR glasses. These AR glasses appear to be early prototypes. The key feature that Google showed off was the ability to see languages and translate them right in front of your eyes in real-time. The company didn’t share any details about when these AR glasses might be available. Google only demonstrated them in a recorded video.
Back in 2013, Google showcased Google Glass at a price tag of $1500. But the tech was not ready and the price tag was burning the pocket.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai shared some context about AR glasses during I/O keynote, “it is just an early sneak peek at what company has been working on. The issue with original version was that the wearable and hardware were not ready.” He also added, “company never cracked the ‘why’ of the product and the price point was not justified.” According to him, these were the reasons why the Google Glasses never made it.

Further adding to announcement Pichai said, “language is so fundamental to connecting with one another. Yet, understanding someone who speaks a different language or trying to follow a conversation if you’re deaf or hard of hearing can be a real challenge. Let’s see what happens when we take our advancements in translation and transcription and deliver them in your line of sight in one of our early prototypes.”

Questions around the potential, launch and pricing of AR Glass remain in suspense. Still, we can assume that translation and transcription are one of the most compelling use cases.

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