Facebook, Insta and Google took down over 21 million posts in May while WhatsApp and Twitter banned over 19 lakh ‘bad’ accounts

Facebook, Insta and Google took down over 21 million posts in May while WhatsApp and Twitter banned over 19 lakh ‘bad’ accounts
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  • Facebook took action against about 17.5 million content pieces during May in India.
  • Instagram ‘actioned’ nearly 4.1 million pieces of content during the same period
  • Google took down nearly 4 lakh pieces of content in May
  • Twitter banned 46 thousands accounts in the same period
  • Whatsapp banned 19 lakh Indian accounts
May has been a busy month for social media platforms in India. Between Meta-owned Facebook and Instagram, and Google, about over 21 million posts were ‘actioned’ which means they were either taken down or subject to some form of action – as the name suggests.

Not just that, even Twitter which has dragged the Indian government to court over censorship has been busy banning accounts — as many as 46,000 in May. The posts related to child sexual violence, nudity or violated community guidelines.

Facebook and Instagram too actioned posts for some of the same reasons – violent and graphic content, IPR infringement, dangerous organizations and individuals, spam etc.
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Google has taken down third-party related content and also those that violated Information Technology Rules of 2021. It has also acted in response to the many complaints received over infringement and legal problems. The tech major is using an automated process for taking down this content.

WhatsApp banned 19 lakh bad accounts to keep up with the new rules set forth by the government on social media content. Whatsapp, which is also owned by Meta, banned 19 lakh Indian users accounts that indulged in orgainsed hate and terrorism, bullying, harassment and suicide.

As per the new IT rules which came into effect last year, social media giants with over five million users have to publish compliance reports every month on the complaints received and action taken, including content removed or disabled either by proactive monitoring or an automated response mechanism.

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