How to start a fundraiser on Facebook

How to start a fundraiser on Facebook
  • Facebook has launched its Fundraisers initiative in India and has partnered with GiveIndia to verify the charities.
  • Personal fundraisers have not been enabled in India due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.
  • Facebook does not charge any fee on donations to charitable organisations.
Social media giant Facebook recently launched its Fundraisers initiative in India. Fundraisers allow people to raise money for charitable organisations, themselves, friends or family members. The company partnered with GiveIndia, one of India’s largest online donation platforms to verify charities in the country.

Currently, Indian users can create fundraisers only for charitable organisations. This includes over 70 charitable organisations, including The Akshaya Patra Foundation, HelpAge India, Foundation for Mother and Child Health and more. Facebook has de-prioritised personal charities worldwide due to ongoing the Coronavirus pandemic.

“We have fewer people available to review personal fundraisers because of the coronavirus outbreak. Because we’re also trying hard to prioritize the review of personal fundraisers related to COVID-19, we may be unable to review your fundraiser, or it may take longer than usual. Non-profit fundraisers will not be impacted,” said Facebook.

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Does Facebook charge any fee for fundraisers?

Facebook does not charge any fees on donations made to charities. However, the social media giant does charge a small fee for donations made to personal fundraisers. The fee ranges from 1.46% to 2.99% depending on the country.

How to create a fundraiser for charitable organisations?
How to start a fundraiser on Facebook

  • To create a fundraiser for a charitable organisation, click on ‘Fundraisers’ in the Explore section on Facebook or click here.
How to start a fundraiser on Facebook

  • Now, search a charity or scroll down and select one of the charities. You can only choose from the available charities.
How to start a fundraiser on Facebook

  • Now, you can change the amount of money that you want to raise.
  • Next, select the date when you want to end your fundraiser.
  • Now, click on ‘Next’.
How to start a fundraiser on Facebook

  • You can now change the title and reason for raising the money.
  • Now, click on ‘Next’.
How to start a fundraiser on Facebook
  • Now, you can change the cover photo of the fundraiser. You can use one of the available photos or use a custom photo.
  • Once you have selected the photo, click on ‘Create’.
What happens if you don’t meet your fundraiser target?


Facebook allows you to set a goal while creating a fundraiser. However, even if you do not reach the goal, you will still receive the money raised by you.

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