Improve your iPhone experience with these 10 tips from Apple

Improve your iPhone experience with these 10 tips from Apple
  • Apple shared tips for iPhone users to help improve their experience.
  • From erasing digits in the calculator to accessing Search and Siri from the Home screen, the Apple Support video shares it all.
  • Let’s take a look at all the tips and tricks which Apple has shared in the YouTube video.
To help improve your iPhone experience, Apple has shared 10 helpful tips through its Apple Support channel on YouTube. From opening the camera application to erasing numbers in the calculator, users can use the tips to make their experience smooth.

Many of you may be aware of some of these tips, however, the entire list has many tricks, some of them based on the iOS 15 update that can enhance your iPhone usage. Without further ado, let’s take a look at each of these tips.

Erasing digits in calculator

If you accidentally press the wrong digit in the calculator, you just have to swipe right or left at the top of the screen to erase the digit. You can also copy the number by touching and holding the digit and then tapping “copy”.
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Pin content in Messages

With iOS 15, you can now pin content like links, news articles shared by others in Messages conversation. You have to touch and hold the content that you want to pin and then tap Pin.


Stack home screen widgets

If you want to stack home screen widgets, you can touch and hold any empty space on the home screen. Now, drag one widget onto the other of the same size.

Select multiple photos for other apps

If you want to select multiple photos for adding onto other apps, touch and hold a photo until you feel a tap. Now drag the photo to all parts of the screen and select additional photos with another finger. Switch to the app where you want to add them while still holding the stack and now release your fingers.

Text replacement

To create text replacement, you will have to open the Settings app then tap on General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. You can add replacement text such as “omw” for “on my way”.

Open camera app

If you wish to open the camera application when your iPhone is locked, just swipe left on the lock screen.

Scan documents in Notes

If you wish to scan a document in the Notes app, tap the camera icon and then tap on Scan Documents. Now, position the document to be scanned in the viewfinder.

Copying real-world text

If you want to copy texts from a real-life document, open the camera app. Hold the viewfinder over a document, and tap the Scan Text button at the bottom right of the screen. Now tap “Copy” to copy the texts from the document onto your iPhone. You can paste it anywhere on your device. This feature is only available on iOS 15 and above.

First photo in an album

If you want to jump to the first photo in an album in the Photos app, tap the top of the screen.


To access Search and Siri suggestions from the Home screen, you will have to swipe down from the middle of the screen.

These shortcuts and tips should be helpful for most users and it would also make your experience and usage more swift once you get used to them.

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