scorecardSamsung's dual-folding display gives glimpse of next Galaxy Z Flip
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Samsung's dual-folding display gives glimpse of next Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung's dual-folding display gives glimpse of next Galaxy Z Flip
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Foldable smartphones, first launched by Samsung Electronics about five years ago, have undergone remarkable developments and innovations in both performance and technology to meet consumer demands for more functionality and convenience.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 is the latest clamshell-style foldable released last summer. Boasting a wider front cover display and a lighter, slimmer hinge, the Z Flip 5 makes it easier for users to fold flat compared to its predecessor Galaxy Z Flip 4.

At CES 2024, which kicked off a four-day run in Las Vegas this week, Samsung Display, the exclusive supplier of foldable screens to its brother Samsung Electronics, introduced groundbreaking concepts that push the boundaries of foldable smartphone design and provided a glimpse at where foldable smartphones are heading.

One of the standout innovations showcased at CES is the new Flex In&Out Flip concept, reports Yonhap news agency.

This foldable smartphone display boasts a 360-degree folding capability, allowing users to fold the device completely backward.

This unique feature enables users to utilise the phone's full screen even when closed, facilitating activities such as taking selfies with the main high-definition camera.

Another Flex Liple concept device features an extended dual-folding panel with one side shorter than the other when bent backwards. The larger side accommodates several icons in the phone's quick setting menu, media playback controls, and displays the battery level and time.

A staff member at Samsung Display's showroom at Encore hotel in Las Vegas described it as "a new foldable display with an edge panel."

While Samsung Display did not comment on plans to supply the new dual-folding display to Samsung Electronics, these innovative concepts showcased at CES 2024 offer a glimpse into the world's largest smartphone maker's vision to create a more versatile and useful lineup for future foldable smartphones.


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