The aftermath of LG quitting the phone business – updates, warranty, repair and other details for existing LG users

The aftermath of LG quitting the phone business – updates, warranty, repair and other details for existing LG users
LG Wing is the company's last flagship device.LG
  • LG announced that it is shutting down its smartphone business after incurring losses for the last 6 years.
  • However, LG said that it will continue to sell its existing inventory of phones until stocks last.
  • If you are an existing LG phone user, here’s everything you should know – from software updates, warranty, customer support to repairs.
LG announced an exit from its smartphone business after being in the industry for nearly 20 years. This comes after the company’s smartphone division reported losses for the last 6 years, totalling $4.5 billion.

In light of this, if you are an LG smartphone user and are worried about the way forward for you, we have you covered. From operating system updates to warranty, after-sales service, repairs and more, here’s everything an LG smartphone user should know about.

Operating system updates

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LG has announced that it will offer operating system updates to a select few models over the next few years. The company has promised to deliver Android 11, Android 12, and even Android 13 OS updates.

So far, the company’s South Korea and Germany websites have updated their lists to include the following phones for the Android 11, Android 12 and Android 13 update:


Android 11Android 12Android 13
LG WingLG WingLG Wing
LG VelvetLG VelvetLG Velvet
LG Velvet LTEVelvet LTEVelvet LTE
LG V50LG V50
LG Q31LG Q31
LG Q51LG Q52
LG Q52LG Q92
LG Q61
LG Q70
LG Q92
LG Q9 One
LG K52
LG K42

Region-wise updates might vary, but we will update this list with any additional devices if LG confirms them.

In addition to this, LG has confirmed that it will continue to sell the remaining phones until the inventory lasts.

Its latest flagship phone – the LG Wing – is currently available at a massive discount of ₹40,000. You can buy it now for ₹29,999.


LG has confirmed that it will continue to honour warranties. So, if you receive a defective LG phone or it develops an issue, you can make use of the product warranty to get a resolution.

As of now, LG offers 1 year of warranty on the phone and 6 months warranty for the in-box accessories like the charger, USB cable, headphones etc.

After-sales service

In its statement, LG said that it will continue to offer after-sales service based on regulatory and contractual obligations. This will vary from region to region.

Repairs and replacement parts

If your LG smartphone is broken or needs a replacement part, you will be able to get them from LG. The company said it will “continue to provide software and security updates as well as replacement parts,”. Again, this will be based on contractual obligations and regulatory requirements.


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