The upcoming iPhone 14 may be produced in India by Diwali this year

The upcoming iPhone 14 may be produced in India by Diwali this year
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  • Apple is expected to start the production of the iPhone 14 in India by October this year.
  • The company has been ramping up its production in India.
  • This will be the first device from the company that will be shipped out of India within two months of its launch.
Apple has been ramping up its production in India over the years since the company started producing devices in the country in 2017. The company is expected to start producing the upcoming iPhone 14 in India soon after it launches the device.

According to a report by Bloomberg, the Cupertino giant will start producing the iPhone 14 in India as soon as October or November. The company started the production of the iPhone 13 in India over six months after it had unveiled the device.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 14 series globally on September 14, and as per analysts, the company will start production of the device in India two months after its release. This is part of the company’s diversification of its supply chain amid clashes between the US and Chinese governments and frequent lockdowns in China that have impacted its production.

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Apple’s devices in India are produced at the Foxconn plant in Chennai. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had expected Apple to ship the iPhone 14 from China and India at roughly the same time, but Apple and Foxconn reportedly concluded that this may not be possible for now. The companies, however, plan on producing and shipping future devices simultaneously from India and China.

The initial batch of the iPhone 14 is expected to be finished in October or November. The companies have set a target for Diwali, which is on October 24.


According to the report, one of the major issues around producing iPhone devices is the secrecy that Apple maintains around its devices. Analysts feel the company might find it difficult to maintain strict controls in a second country.

Apple’s executives in India have reportedly considered cornering a section of Foxconn’s assembly lines in the country and scrutinising the employees that work on the production lines. “The drastic security controls and stringent seclusion of its China facilities would be challenging to replicate,” a person familiar with the matter told Bloomberg.


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