After EU, India wants companies to offer a common charger for all devices

After EU, India wants companies to offer a common charger for all devices
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  • The Indian government is reportedly working on guidelines for adoption of a common charger in the country.
  • Companies will be required to offer USB Type-C ports for devices like phones, laptops, tablets, Bluetooth earphones and other portable devices.
  • The EU had passed similar rules earlier this year, mandating all companies to offer a USB Type-C port in their devices.
The European Union (EU) earlier this year announced new rules around chargers, mandating companies to offer a common charger for all small devices such as smartphones and tablets in a bid to reduce electronic waste.

According to a PTI report, the Indian government is exploring the adoption of similar rules. The government has called for a meeting on August 17 to discuss the rules with smartphone makers and other industry organisations.

The EU had announced that all small electronics that can be charged should offer a USB Type-C port from 2024. India is expected to roll out similar rules for devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, Bluetooth earphones, Bluetooth speakers and more.

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"If companies can serve in Europe and the US, why cannot they do it in India? Portable electronic devices like smartphones and tablets should have a common charger," an official told PTI.

The official added that the government is worried that once the EU rules come into force, such products may be dumped in India. Considering this, we can expect the Indian government to enforce the rules at the same time as the EU, in 2024.


Apple to be impacted

Apple was one of the most vocal critics of the EU's proposal for a common charger, going as far as claiming that this move would hamper innovation and create a mountain of electronic waste.

Apple uses its proprietary Lightning connector in devices like iPhones, AirPods and more. It will face the biggest impact of the new rules as it is one of the few companies that does not offer a USB Type-C port with all of their devices.

Some of the laptop makers such as Dell, HP and Asus will also have to change the charger offered with their affordable devices. Most of the laptops from these companies already have a USB Type-C port so adopting this for their affordable laptops should not be an issue.


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