Artificial Intelligence takes center stage at Google I/O: Here are all the AI announcements made at the annual conference

Artificial Intelligence takes center stage at Google I/O: Here are all the AI announcements made at the annual conference
Image credits- Google
  • Google showcased its latest advancements in AI and updates to its Pixel lineup at its I/O keynote, highlighting the expanded capabilities of its chatbot Bard and the multilingual PaLM 2 language model.
  • Google Search is introducing AI-powered snapshots for select queries powered by PaLM 2.
  • Google Photos, Gmail, and Google Workspace will receive AI-powered updates.
At its I/O keynote, Google unveiled significant updates to its Pixel lineup and showcased its latest advancements in artificial intelligence. Throughout the event, Google executives emphasized their affinity for AI, highlighting its expanded capabilities in various demonstrations. For example, Google showcased the enhancements made to its chatbot, Bard, which now features developer-friendly aspects and access to various partners' extensions for consumers. Additionally, Google introduced new features to its PaLM 2 large language model, which is now trained on multilingual texts and supports over 100 languages across various functions.

Business Insider India brings you a round-off of all artificial intelligence announcements made at Google I/O 2023.

Google Search gets AI-powered ‘snapshots’

Google is introducing a significant update to its search engine with the implementation of AI snapshots. By opting into the Search Generative Experience (SGE) feature, users will see AI-generated answers at the top of their search results for select queries, providing additional context. Users can then use follow-up questions to refine the information presented in the snapshot.

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These AI snapshots are powered by PaLM 2, the updated version of Google's large language model (LLM), unveiled at the I/O conference. PaLM 2, which is currently utilized by 25 Google services, including the Bard chatbot, boasts improvements in reasoning, coding, and translation.

Gmail will write emails for you

Google is enhancing its Smart Reply and Smart Compose feature in Gmail, which aid users in auto-completing emails by offering sentence and reply suggestions. The updated feature, Help Me Write, will leverage AI to auto-generate entire emails for users. Users can choose to expand on the AI-generated content to include additional details. Additionally, the feature will pull information from previous email exchanges with the recipient to assist in crafting the email.

AI-powered, 'immersive' Google Maps


Google Maps is preparing to launch a new AI feature called Immersive View for Routes, which will provide users with a digitally created model of their exact route. This feature will enable users to travel along the route and identify landmarks and stops along the way. It has been reported that this feature will be available in 15 cities by year-end.

Google Photos boasts a variety of AI capabilities

Google Photos is expanding its AI-powered capabilities by adding Magic Editor, which complements existing features such as Find Photos and Magic Eraser. During the demo, Magic Editor showcased impressive features such as the ability to move individual elements within a photo and an auto-generation function that creates missing elements to complete a photo if a user wishes to center it.

Google Workspace has integrated AI features into all of its products

Google Workspace is set to introduce generative AI features to its products, although only some features have been disclosed. However, some demos were showcased that highlighted several interesting use cases. For instance, users can leverage AI to create complete spreadsheet templates in Google Sheets and automatically populate data into the corresponding columns. In Google Slides, users can enhance their presentations with auto-generated AI art corresponding to the slide's content without additional prompts. Additionally, a forthcoming feature called Duet AI for Workspace will facilitate contextual collaboration in Documents, Sheets, and other applications with AI assistance.

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