DetectGPT to help teachers detect content generated using ChatGPT by students

DetectGPT to help teachers detect content generated using ChatGPT by students
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  • Students have started using ChatGPT to finish their papers and homework.
  • Schools and colleges across the world have started cracking down on such tools.
  • Stanford researchers have developed DetectGPT, a tool that can detect LLM generated content.
ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot developed by OpenAI has become quite popular, with people using it for all kinds of things, from answering random questions to getting the chatbot to do their work for them.

Stanford researchers have developed a tool, dubbed as DetectGPT that will help teachers identify content that has been generated using ChatGPT or other similar large language models (LLMs).

Since the introduction of the chatbot, there have been concerns about students getting their papers done using ChatGPT. After New York City public schools banned students from using ChatGPT, its maker OpenAI confirmed that it is working on a tool to detect content generated by ChatGPT.

What is DetectGPT and how does it work?

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DetectGPT is a tool that has been designed to detect content generated by ChatGPT and similar tools. According to the researchers, text generated using LLMs such as ChatGPT “occupy negative curvature regions of the model's log probability function”.

Using this, the researchers have defined a new criterion for judging if a passage is generated using an LLM. This allows DetectGPT to use log probabilities to find out if the given passage has been generated using a given LLM. The researchers have claimed that DetectGPT has an accuracy of 95%.

Need for DetectGPT


The need for DetectGPT and other similar tools that can develop generated content has arisen from concerns raised by educational institutions across the world about students using these tools to finish papers and homework. Bengaluru-based RV University has already issued an advisory to students to prevent the use ChatGPT.

The students have been warned that random checks will be done to detect generated content and students found using such tools will be punished.

Other schools and colleges have also started cracking down on content generated using such tools.

The team behind DetectGPT has not revealed much information about the tool yet and it is not publicly available at the moment.


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