scorecardChatGPT is a new AI chatbot that can find mistakes in your code or write a story for you
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ChatGPT is a new AI chatbot that can find mistakes in your code or write a story for you

ChatGPT is a new AI chatbot that can find mistakes in your code or write a story for you
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  • OpenAI, an artificial research and development company has revealed ChatGPT.
  • ChatGPT is a conversational AI chatbot capable of understanding natural language.
  • Here’s everything you need to know about OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot.
Artificial intelligence (AI) has improved a lot over the years and one of the things that has become huge is generative AI, which uses data that you input such as text and images to output more content.

OpenAI, an AI research and development company has announced ChatGPT, a chatbot based on the company’s new GPT-3.5 natural language generation technology. The company is currently offering a research preview of ChatGPT. OpenAI had earlier introduced DALL-E, an AI image generator that takes on Google’s Imagen.
What is ChatGPT?
ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that interacts in a conversational manner, allowing you to send questions and prompts in the same manner as you would to a friend or a colleague.

It has been built to remember the questions you have asked in the past and has the ability to correct itself if you highlight a mistake. It has also been trained to decline inappropriate requests from users.

To understand how ChatGPT works, let’s look at some of the interesting questions that users have asked.
Debugging a code

In a huge help to coders, ChatGPT can be used to easily debug a code and the AI not only fixes the mistake, it also explains to the user where they went wrong and can be done to fix it.
A crossover of our favorite rom coms

A twitter user had an interesting scenario for ChatGPT and asked the chatbot to write dialogues for a rom com starring Andy Samberg, Neil Patrick Harris, Matt LeBlanc, Melissa Fumero, Cobie Smulders and Jennifer Anniston.

The chatbot created three scenes for the group, discussing their dating life, having a first date and enjoying a girl’s night. While the chatbot cannot replace writers yet, it was able to create decent scenarios very quickly.
Get the AI to do your homework for you

Another interesting use case for the AI is using it to get your homework done. A user asked two questions to ChatGPT, asking the chatbot to explain a regular expression and write a four-paragraph essay on “effects of westward expansion on the civil war”.

In both cases, the chatbot delivered good results.
An essay on Virat Kohli

To test the chatbot, I asked it to write an essay on cricket legend Virat Kohli.

The AI churned out an essay in seconds. Surprisingly, the essay was quite good and there were no factual mistakes. Additionally, it was well researched and felt like it was written by a human.

Overall, ChatGPT is quite good and is very useful. It is currently under preview and is available for free.


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