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Here’s how Google’s new AI updates will transform your search experience

Here’s how Google’s new AI updates will transform your search experience
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Image credits- Google
  • AI will make Google Search more conversational and interactive.
  • It will provide more in-depth and relevant search results.
  • Furthermore, it will help you create content and a week-long fitness plan.
At the recent Google I/O event, the search giant focused heavily on the transformative potential of AI across its platforms. For instance, Gmail users will soon benefit from more detailed email composition, which could facilitate flight cancellations and refunds, among other things. Additionally, Google Bard, the company's in-house generative AI, is set to integrate with several first-party Workspace apps.

Read about AI announcements at Google’s I/O 2023 here for in-depth insight.

However, one of the most intriguing developments unveiled during the presentation was the Search Generative Experience (SGE) for Google Search, which will introduce a new challenger to Microsoft's Bing. While Microsoft has yet to close the gap with Google, SGE may widen the distance between the two search engines in the future.

Here's a rundown of the various ways in which AI will transform Google Search later this year.

New Conversational mode

At the end of every generated text, you will find a set of follow-up questions that allow you to explore specific topics in greater detail. Upon selecting one, you will be directed to Google's new Conversational Mode, which considers the context of your previous inquiry and eliminates the need to rephrase it. This allows you to continue the conversation from where you left off. In addition, the AI-powered search will offer product links, including reviews and official online retailer information, similar to the in-depth product search feature. It is expected that Conversational Mode will be available across all search results, as other sections of the demo displayed follow-up questions at the bottom of the screen, although we did not observe them in action.

In-depth product results

Imagine that you are searching for a new car for your daily commute but still determining which one to purchase. In this scenario, you can use the AI-powered Search for assistance, offering recommendations based on specific features. For instance, the results may suggest a car with a powerful engine for off-road driving or a vehicle with excellent suspension to tackle road bumps.

Below the generated text, Google will display links to products that meet the recommended criteria. Each suggestion will have a brief description, along with review links and pricing information. When you select a product, a list of retailers will appear, including those with sales.

In-depth Search results

Google's Search will leverage generative AI to provide detailed answers to complex queries. As highlighted in Google's demonstration, the current version of Search may need to be capable of comprehending lengthy questions. As a result, users must deconstruct their inquiries and assemble the pieces themselves. Furthermore, search results will feature pertinent links alongside comprehensive answers, allowing users to acquire additional knowledge about a subject. To bolster its generated text, Google will include a separate menu with the exact sources it utilized.

Content generation

Similar to ChatGPT, Google offers the ability to generate content upon request. For example, users can ask for assistance in creating a name for a social group, a quiz regarding traffic hand signals in California, social media posts, or even a poem about cats suitable for children.

Create a fitness plan

During the presentation, Google briefly mentioned that users would have the ability to request a personalized fitness plan. Once requested, the platform will provide weekly instructions on reaching the desired goals and advice on maintaining a steady pace. Additionally, search results will include videos that offer further information on the topic.