CES 2022: Samsung showcases foldable laptop that expands into a 17-inch monitor

CES 2022: Samsung showcases foldable laptop that expands into a 17-inch monitor
  • Samsung’s foldable smartphones are well known, including the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3.
  • Now, the company showcases the technology on a laptop.
  • The foldable device expands from a 13-inch compact laptop to a 17-inch monitor.
Foldable displays are not new and we have seen several smartphone makers experimenting and improving the technology. Samsung with its Galaxy Z Fold 3 offers one of the best foldable smartphone experiences in the market. And this time again at the CES 2022, Samsung showcased the technology extending to laptop displays.

Foldable laptop

Sammobile was invited by the company to preview the technology concept, which is being called the Flex Note. Although the Flex Note is still a prototype and we cannot be certain about when the laptops based on this technology would be available commercially, it opens many possibilities for the future.

According to the prototype which was previewed by the publication, there is a large 17-inch monitor when the display is fully extended. It turns into a compact 13-inch laptop when folded and the folded part can be used as a virtual keyboard.
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The Flex Note opens up many possibilities just like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 which allows users to use the same device as a smartphone and a tablet with a larger screen. With the foldable laptop technology, users get a portable monitor as well as a compact workstation in a single device.



When folded into its compact form, the screen is protected from external damage as it gets folded on the inside. This allows users to carry a large monitor at their convenience. According to their needs, the device can be used as an external monitor to a computer or as a compact laptop while on the go.

For now, it’s exciting that the foldable concept is expanding to laptops, but there’s no launch date for this technology. Once available, it will offer great utility in terms of size of displays, as users will be able to carry large displays in compact forms.

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