Sony PS5 will be up for pre-booking in India on May 13: Where, how to buy

Sony PS5 will be up for pre-booking in India on May 13: Where, how to buy
  • According to the latest information, PlayStation 5 restocking will begin tomorrow.
  • We can expect PS5 to be on Flipkart, Amazon, Reliance Digital, and Croma.
  • According to ShopAtSC, PS5 Digital Edition is priced at ₹39,990.
The Sony PlayStation 5 will be up for pre-booking on May 13. The news comes from the company’s official website ShopAtSC. As per the banner, customers can pre-book Sony’s PS5 another with Gran Tourismo Bundle at a slightly higher price and PS5 Digital Edition on Friday, May 13 at 12 pm.

You can buy the PlayStation 5 for ₹49,990, PS5 Digital Edition at ₹39,990, and PS5 Gran Turismo 7 Bundle for ₹54,490.

Where to book?
At the time of writing this, only the ShopAtSC website has the pre-booking banner with ‘notify me’ buttons under the products. There is no information about delivery or shipping dates and when the deliveries will be done.
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While this doesn’t confirm anything, it does give us a hint that Sony might soon restock the PS5. It also means you can expect it to be available on e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Reliance Digital, Croma and Vijay sales and others. Additionally, you can keep a check on offline resellers and Sony stores for an update.

How to buy a PS5?

For this particular pre-booking, you can set the reminder by going to ShopAtSC and clicking on ‘notify me’. Once it’s done, you need too wait till tomorrow and be ready before 12 pm with your Sony account logged in to the website.

You should be on the product page that you want to buy and you should see the pre-book button once the page is updated. PS5 restock is good news but getting hands on one of these still remains challenging as stock doesn’t last very long. Also, buyers should be aware of scams and fake websites posing as a retailer.

ShopatSC is offering a standard PlayStation 5 with Gran Turismo 7 at ₹54,990. The same deal isn’t being offered with PlayStation 5 Digital Edition which is priced at ₹39,990. The standard edition will cost you ₹49,990. Remember, the only difference between digital edition and standard edition is that latter does not offer an optical disc drive, meaning you can only run games that are downloaded onto PS5 internal storage.

Just like always, Sony’s PlayStation 5 is in high demand and we can assume restocked inventory won’t last long once pre-booking starts.

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