How to reset your Windows 11 computer

How to reset your Windows 11 computer
  • If you are facing issues with your Windows 11 computer, resetting it might help you to fix those issues for a smooth experience.
  • But before you reset, you should ensure to keep a backup of your data.
  • Follow the steps below to reset your Windows 11 computer.
Resetting the computer and giving it a fresh start can be a great option to ensure an improvement in performance and fixing issues. Whether you recently updated your Windows 11 computer, installed any application or used it for a long time, resetting allows you to fix bugs.

When you choose to reset the computer, you get an option to either erase all settings and applications, including data, or you keep your personal files. Cloud download and local reinstall are the two ways through which you can easily recover your files.
Here is how to reset your Windows 11 computer:
  • Open Settings.
  • Click on System.
  • Select the Recovery option.
  • Click Reset PC.
  • Select between the two options – Keep my files or Remove everything.
  • Choose between Cloud download or Local reinstall to reset your Windows 11 computer.
  • Click on change settings, if required and click on the Next option.
  • Review the process and click Reset.
After you finish the process, the system will take a few minutes to erase the data and restart the computer.
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