Covid-19 vaccine related searches jumped over 190% in India during the month of May

Covid-19 vaccine related  searches jumped over 190% in India during the month of May
Google on Monday revealed that vaccine-related searches reached a new record high and increased by over 190 per cent in India during the month of May.

The report also showed that coronavirus dropped to 12th most searched topic overall during May, behind topics like film, meaning, news and weather - all consistently highly searched topics in India.

The top trending search term overall for May was "Lockdown 4.0", which spiked 3,150 per cent, while "Eid Mubarak" was a second top trending term with the rise of 2,650 per cent.

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Search interest for "coronavirus lockdown zones Delhi" grew more than 1,800 per cent over the month, while "Italy coronavirus vaccine" spiked 750 per cent, it added.

The state with the highest search interest over May was Goa, followed by Meghalaya and Chandigarh.


According to the company, search interest for coronavirus was half the monthly volume for April, but still five times more searched than Cricket.

Trending questions for coronavirus in May include: Which disease is related to coronavirus?, tracker India, What is the vaccine?, Is corona vaccine ready?, web series -- Patal Lok, etc.

Last month, Google revealed that recipe-related searches hit a new record high in India.

While 'dalgona coffee recipe at home' spiked 5,000 per cent, searches for 'chicken momo recipe' grew 4,350 per cent and searches for "mango icecream recipe" saw 3,250 per cent rise.

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