scorecardInfosys, TCS and Wipro are the top newsmakers of 2020 in the IT sector, says report
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Infosys, TCS and Wipro are the top newsmakers of 2020 in the IT sector, says report

Infosys, TCS and Wipro are the top newsmakers of 2020 in the IT sector, says report
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New Delhi, Work from Home and Destination Hiring are the new trends that emerged in 2020 according to the ITeS Power Movers 2020 Report by Wizikey, Asia's fastest-growing PR-SAAS start-up.

The report highlights the top 25 players in the Indian ITeS sector. As per the ITeS Power Movers 2020 Report, Infosys, TCS, Wipro, IBM, Cognizant are the top 5 ITes players of 2020 (mentioned according to rank).

Further, a breakdown by services and product reveals that, at the top, in ITeS Services are the three Indian IT giants - Infosys, TCS and Wipro. In the Enterprise Product category, Dell, HP, Cisco and Oracle emerge as leaders.

The report talks about emerging trends within the ITeS space such as adoption of work from home technologies, inclusion of cloud offerings and the strong lineup of acquisitions & partnerships that were witnessed during the year. An analysis of the announcements by top players reveals that the pandemic has successfully reversed the traditional outsourcing trend in this industry and given rise to destination hiring as a popular practice.

Commenting on the trend, Anshul Sushil, CEO & Co-Founder, Wizikey, said: "With mass layoffs and intense pay cuts making headlines in the first half of the year, the Indian IT industry definitely has gone through its own share of headwinds. It has taken time for them to adopt to the new normal. By diving through news via our analytics tools, we deciphered that destination hiring and remote working are the top emerging trends in the industry."

Sharing his views on the importance of news analytics for brands, he said: "At Wizikey, we analyse millions of news data points with Big Data Technologies such as predictive analytics and machine learning. This deep dive into all sectors and news articles helps us create meaningful and important data insights for various brands which they can use in creating their differentiated positioning buckets with relevant media platforms and consumer circles."

The report dissected the top trends in the industry:

Global imprint: Amidst low sentiment, and travel and visa uncertainties, most ITeS firms announced destination hiring plans. The pandemic reversed the outsourcing trend and gave the world far more confidence in managing operations anywhere around the globe

Work From home: Most IT players adjusted to the post lockdown new realities of the universe. All the companies in the sector made massive shifts embracing work from home as the new normal. Being the largest white collar employer in the country, hiring reconciliations, virtual interviews and work from home made buzz for fresher to mid-level hiring.

Clearing way for cloud: It rained cloud offerings for the ITeS category. Most players announced new products that could foster better work from home solutions for the After Covid-19 world. 4 out of the top 5 players announced initiatives to strengthen cloud offerings

Inorganic Growth: A lot of players in the sector found opportunities of inorganic growth and new partnerships in these unusual times. All the top players announced plans of acquisitions and partnerships in a Covid-19 driven world.

"We have used 9 metrics or factors for the findings namely Sentiment Score, an indicator of perception of the company in the media, Prominence Score includes coverage in reputed media houses, Consistency Score, Volumetric Score, LeaderHead Score includes company focused media coverage, Range Scores measuring engagement with diverse journalists and publications, Wizikey Newsmaker Score which is the combined weighted score of all the metrics and finally, Wizikey Rank is assigned based on Wizikey Newsmaker Score," Sushil said.