iOS 15 feature to warn children of nudity in images is coming soon — here’s how it will work

iOS 15 feature to warn children of nudity in images is coming soon — here’s how it will work
The Messages Communication Safety feature will be available with iOS 15.2.Apple
  • iOS 15.2 beta update brings a new Messages Communication Safety feature.
  • This feature will warn children if they’re going to view images containing nudity.
  • It will be an optional feature for parents to enable through Family Sharing.
Apple has released a new feature with the iOS 15.2 beta version. It’s a new Messages Communication Safety feature that will help prevent minors from seeing nudity in photos. The feature is part of parental controls that are available through the Family Sharing feature.

The iOS 15.2 beta update is currently available only to developers, and those interested in trying it out can apply for the Apple Beta Software Program. The stable release is expected to launch soon. Apple had announced this feature along with its on-device tool that would scan images for potential child abuse photos on iCloud. This feature however received a lot of backlash and Apple has paused its rollout to make changes on it.

As for the Messages Communication Safety feature, here’s how it will work.

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How does it work

Through the Messages Communication Safety feature, Apple will use on-device scanning to detect if photos sent in the Messages app have any nudity in them. If nudity is detected, then Apple will blur the photo and also share a warning if a child taps on the image. Here, Apple displays a warning saying “This photo could be sensitive. Are you sure you want to view?” It also explains what naked photos are, and why they should avoid seeing them.

Apple doesn’t block the image completely as it still gives options for the child to either not view, message a grownup or view. So the ultimate decision still lies on the child but with warnings and guidance on the possible implications.

How to enable it

This feature is opt-in meaning that it won’t be enabled by default when it’s released. It will be available under Family Sharing through which adults can manage the devices of children who are under 18. This feature can also only be enabled for devices that are set up using Family Sharing.

Who is it for

As mentioned above this feature will be available for devices used by minors through the Family Sharing feature. Apple users under the age of 18 can be a part of Family Sharing but it isn’t mandatory. As for children under the age of 13, account creation can be done only by a parent through Family Sharing.


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