Music to help focus, home design & many tasks that AI can help with

Music to help focus, home design & many tasks that AI can help with
Use of AI in 2023Image credits- Canva
  • AI-powered tools have revolutionized productivity by automating mundane tasks and providing valuable insights for all users.
  • These AI tools can do everything from creating resumes to creating budget plans.
  • Below, check out the list of AI tools and applications anyone can use.
The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed the way we live and work. By automating mundane tasks and providing valuable insights, AI has become a crucial tool for enhancing productivity. However, navigating the complex world of AI can be daunting, especially for non-technical users.

To address this, we have compiled a list of the top AI productivity tools suitable for everyday use, designed with user-friendliness in mind. These tools, ranging from intelligent calendars to digital assistants, enable you to stay organized, efficient, and ahead of the game without requiring technical expertise. By utilizing these tools, you can easily unleash your full potential and achieve your goals.

Below, discover a range of innovative applications and websites utilizing AI to simplify daily routines and professional tasks.


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ChatGPT was launched in November and has become incredibly popular. You may have seen examples on social media of how ChatGPT can give human-like responses to strange questions, but it can also do many simple daily tasks that could save you both time and money. ChatGPT is free and straightforward to use, and it can help you with various activities like writing reports, making diet plans, and even applying for jobs.

Different ways to harness the ChatGPT-
  • Help get your dream job
  • Write life's tricky emails instantly
  • Lose weight with a new diet plan
  • Learn basic skills like coding step by step
  • Summarize long documents instantly
  • Summarize that book you were meant to have read
  • Write food recipes for you
  • Explain complex ideas in simple terms
  • Create budget plans
  • Find you a date with a persuasive profile
  • Roleplay difficult conversations before you have them

Ximilar - tool for classifying image


Ximilar is an AI-powered tool that provides computer vision solutions for businesses. Its software offers a range of capabilities, including image recognition, object detection, and content moderation.

One of Ximilar's main features is its ability to classify images accurately and efficiently. This means that users can input large volumes of images, and the software will quickly sort and categorize them based on predefined criteria. This feature can save businesses significant amounts of time and effort when dealing with large collections of images.

This AI tool can be used across different categories, such as real estate, fashion, e-commerce, etc.

ScriptBook - write scripts for films

ScriptBook is an AI tool that creates scripts for films and TV shows. Its process involves analyzing already-existing scripts and using factors such as cast, genre, and story structure to predict the success of new scripts. Anyone can use ScriptBook, even without technical expertise, through its website. - music for concentration

When you're working in a busy office or a noisy home, it can take effort to concentrate. Music can help, but not all types of music are suitable for focus. That's where comes in. It's an app that uses AI to create music that helps you to focus, relax, or sleep. According to the company, the music is created by a team of scientists and composers and contains different types of ambient noise that can help you achieve the state of mind you need, like deep work or relaxation.

Missive - email management tool

Missive is a platform that helps manage emails and chats. It now has an AI feature created by OpenAI's ChatGPT. This feature allows users to ask Missive to write an email or respond to a chat message. For example, they can ask it to schedule a meeting on a specific day, and Missive will write an email response within seconds. Users can modify the email by telling Missive to use a specific tone or style.

Users can choose from pre-programmed prompts like ‘reply positively’ or ‘reply negatively’.

RescueTime - time management tool

Managing time can be difficult, especially when working on a challenging task. RescueTime is an AI time-tracking tool that more than 2 million people use to stay focused. It tracks the time users spend online and categorizes the websites they visit as either productive or distracting. It can even restrict access to websites that are considered distracting.

RescueTime also provides smart coaching, which analyzes a user's work behavior and sends notifications if they get distracted. The app generates a daily productivity score to help users monitor their progress.

Reimagine Home - interior designing tool

Reimagine Home is a one-click interior design tool allowing users to design their dream home easily. Whether you're looking to refresh your living room, revamp your backyard, or create a new look for your home, this tool has got you covered.

With REimagine Home, no design knowledge is required as the tool allows users to easily try different designs, colors, and style combinations to create a unique and personalized space.

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