Netflix will not allow you to watch movies and shows offline in the ad-supported tier

Netflix will not allow you to watch movies and shows offline in the ad-supported tier
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  • Netflix is currently working on an ad-supported tier, which is expected to be launched later this year.
  • The plan will reportedly restrict users from downloading content.
  • Netflix allows users to download shows and movies, allowing them to watch content without using data.
Netflix has been working on introducing a more affordable ad-supported tier for some time now. The streaming giant is working on adding another limitation on this tier that will separate this plan from its existing plans.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Netflix is planning on restricting content downloads on the ad-supported plan. This means you will not be able to download movies and shows on the ad-supported tier.

As of now, users can download movies and shows, allowing them to view this even when they are on the go without having to use data. This is one feature that I often use while travelling to conserve mobile data.

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According to the report, this was revealed due to code found in the company's iOS app. “Downloads available on all plans except Netflix with ads,” says text discovered in the app by a developer Steve Moser.

In addition, Moser also discovered that users would not be able to skip ads, and the playback controls that allow the user to go forward or backward will also not work when an ad is being displayed.


Netflix has already revealed that the ad-supported tier will not offer all the content available on existing plans. We expect the ad-supported tier to get new shows and movies with a delay in an attempt to push more customers from the ad-supported plan to more premium plans.

The ads shown on the ad-supported tier on Netflix will be personalized, and users will be able to tailor them according to their preferences.

“Now, let’s set up your ad experience. We just need a few details to ensure you get the most relevant ads on Netflix. It’ll be really quick, we promise!”, a message on the app reads.

Do note that the ad-supported tier from Netflix is a few months away, and the company may change these things in the coming months.


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