New Valentine's Day sticker pack now available on WhatsApp: Here’s how to download and use them

New Valentine's Day sticker pack now available on WhatsApp: Here’s how to download and use them
WhatsApp has launched Valentine's day sticker packImage credits- Unsplash
  • WhatsApp has launched Valentine's day sticker pack.
  • Users can send these Valentine's day stickers to individual or group chats.
  • WhatsApp also supports third-party sticker packs for iOS.
WhatsApp stickers are a popular way to send greetings and wishes on special occasions, including Valentine's Day. While there are many creative ways to express feelings, a heartfelt note with some cute stickers remains a classic. If you're looking for Valentine's Day stickers for your phone, we've got you covered.


Check out the following steps to download and use Valentine's Day sticker packs for both Android and iOS devices.

Steps to download and use Valentine's Day stickers on an Android

  • To send Valentine's Day stickers on WhatsApp for Android, open the chat where you want to send them, then tap the smiley icon located in the text bar.
  • After tapping the smiley icon, you will find the stickers icon located next to the GIF button within the app.
  • By tapping on the icon, you can access all your stickers.
  • But, if you want to add more stickers to your collection or want to explore more options, scroll down to the bottom. Click on - ‘Get more stickers.' It will redirect you to the Google Play Store where you can get any of your favorite Valentine's Day stickers.
  • Select and download the desired sticker pack. After installation, open the app and tap 'Add to WhatsApp' to start using the stickers.
  • Once the process is complete, you can easily access the Valentine's Day stickers in WhatsApp and send them to your contacts.

Steps to download and use Valentine's Day stickers on iOS

  • Third-party WhatsApp sticker apps, such as, Sticker Maker + Stickers, Stickles, and Wsticker for chat apps, are also available for download on the App Store. These free apps offer a vast collection of stickers, including those with a Valentine's Day theme.
  • To keep your favorite Valentine's Day stickers handy, you can add them to your 'Favorites' collection. To do so, long-press on the sticker you want to add and tap on the star option.
  • Once you've added a sticker to your 'Favorites' collection, you can easily access it by tapping on the stickers option in the text bar. Your 'Favorite' stickers will be available there.
  • Once you've downloaded the Valentine's Day sticker pack, go to the desired WhatsApp chat and select a sticker from the menu to share. You can either send a single sticker or multiple Valentine's Day stickers simultaneously.
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