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Passkeys may soon replace passwords - everything you need to know

Passkeys may soon replace passwords - everything you need to know
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  • Passkeys will soon replace passwords for your accounts, starting with personal Google accounts.
  • Google launched Passkeys in May 2023 and has now started making it the default option.
  • Here’s everything you need to know about Passkeys and their benefits.
If you are tired of remembering multiple different passwords, there is good news for you. Google is moving towards a password-less future as it has started making passkeys the default option for personal Google accounts. The search giant had announced passkeys earlier this year.

Passkeys are meant to be a safer alternative to passwords, in addition to being simpler to use and remember. Passkeys will allow users to sign in using a fingerprint, a face scan or a screen lock PIN.

Users will soon be asked to create and use passkeys when they sign in to their Google account. Additionally, users will see the “Skip password when possible” option enabled in their account by default.
What is a passkey?
A passkey is a digital credential – like login username and password. It is used as an authentication mechanism that allows you to login to your passkey-enabled account without entering your password.

Google claims that passkeys are 40% faster than entering passwords manually. It also says that the used cryptography technology makes them more secure than passwords.
How to login to Google account with passkeys?
You will first need to be logged into your Google account on an Android device.

Once done, you can then use your Android phone’s authentication methods – like your fingerprint, face scan, or PIN to authenticate your Google account login.

Google claims that one of the benefits of passkeys is that users will no longer have to deal with remembering multiple passwords.

“We’ve found that one of the most immediate benefits of passkeys is that they spare people the headache of remembering all those numbers and special characters in passwords. They’re also phishing resistant,” Google said in its blogpost.
Passkeys to become more common
In future, Passkeys will start becoming more common and will be used by various apps. Google has already started using Passkeys for YouTube, Search and Maps. Additionally, Uber and eBay have also started offering users the ability to use Passkeys, with WhatsApp compatibility expected to be launched soon.

Apple already supports Passkeys on its devices, allowing users to sign into their Apple account and other applications with Face ID or Touch ID.


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