Screen-sharing and usernames on WhatsApp soon: All you need to know

Screen-sharing and usernames on WhatsApp soon: All you need to know
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  • WhatsApp is working on two new features, screen-sharing and usernames.
  • Screen-sharing is limited to WhatsApp beta users on Android.
  • The username feature is at an early stage of development and not accessible to beta testers yet.
WhatsApp has been introducing features thick and fast in recent times. After recently introducing the highly-anticipated message editing feature, the Meta-owned messaging platform has rolled out screen-sharing to a selected group of beta testers who can share their screens during conversations. It’s also reported that a username feature is in the early stages of development.

We dig a little deeper into what these two features are and the progress on their development.

WhatsApp screen-sharing

This feature enables users to share their phone screens during video calls. Those who are familiar with screen-sharing in applications like Zoom, Google Meet, and FaceTime will find this functionality easy to grasp. In fact, FaceTime serves as a relatable example, as it allows users to share their iPhone screens while on a video call.

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According to WABetaInfo, the screen-sharing feature is currently accessible on the WhatsApp beta app for Android users.

How to screen-share on WhatsApp

Users on WhatsApp beta with the screen-sharing feature will notice a new button on the bottom navigation bar. Tapping on this button will bring up a pop-up screen with options to start recording or casting with WhatsApp. To initiate screen sharing on WhatsApp, simply press the "start now" button. This allows you to share your screen seamlessly during conversations on WhatsApp. You can stop sharing your screen any time you want by pressing on the button to end screen-sharing.

WhatsApp usernames


WhatsApp is currently in the process of developing a usernames feature, which is anticipated to function similarly to Telegram usernames. This addition will allow users to include a distinct username alongside their existing WhatsApp account name. While the exact workings of this feature remain uncertain, WABetaInfo suggests that it could serve as an alternative to using phone numbers.

Unlike the screen-sharing functionality, this feature is still in the early stage of development and is not yet accessible even to beta testers.

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