This smart collar lets you track your dog’s health and location

This smart collar lets you track your dog’s health and location
Now track the vital signs of your pooch on the goInvoxia
  • The ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has attracted some interesting new technology solutions.
  • One of those is a smart dog collar that promises to be the Apple Watch for your canine friends.
  • It can track vital health statistics and the location of your pet dog.
2020 has made us all understand the importance of monitoring our health and staying fit, but what about humanity’s best friend – dogs? Many of us struggle with understanding the health of our doggo friends, and this smart dog collar tries to address this issue to an extent.

At the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show 2022 (CES), Invoxia has come up with a smart dog collar that can monitor the health of dogs and also keep us updated with their current location. This can be useful when you are away at work and want to ensure that your pet is safe back home.

To be certain, pet trackers are not new. We’ve seen some announced back in 2017 as well, so the location tracking part is not entirely the selling point of Invoxia’s smart dog collar.

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However, what gets our attention is the fact that the collar can also monitor vital stats of dogs, like resting heart and respiratory rates.

To be able to do this, the Invoxia smart dog collar uses a series of radar sensors that obtain the required readings when the collar is worn. The company says it has worked with certified veterinary cardiologists to develop a deep learning artificial intelligence (AI), which combined with the sensors, takes the relevant readings from the neck of your canine friend.


Apart from this, the collar can also track activities like walking, running, sleeping, barking, eating, drinking and even scratching.

This smart collar lets you track your dog’s health and location

All these tracked activities and health data are synchronised to a companion app on your smartphone, with neat charts and graphics. The collar supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and LTE connectivity, so you can remotely monitor your dog’s health and activities.

There’s a catch, though – the collar is currently available only for mid to large-sized dogs. Invoxia says this is because it’s difficult to shrink the size of the collar due to the sensors being used. So your cats and miniature poodle will have to wait, for now.

The Invoxia smart dog collar comes with a price tag of $99 (approx. ₹7,400). Wider availability details will be known in the coming weeks.


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