Here’s how to automatically delete unwanted emails in Gmail

Here’s how to automatically delete unwanted emails in Gmail
Gmail automatically deletes unwanted emails from specific senders.Unsplash
  • Gmail can be very helpful but it also invites unwanted emails and several of them.
  • Some of these emails land up in our primary inbox and not in spam as we’d want them to.
  • For such situations, Gmail has a feature that automatically deletes all unwanted emails.
Gmail is the most popular and widely used email service in the world. People use it for personal, work and educational purposes. But with time your inbox gets full with a lot of spam, unwanted emails and large files. Gmail has a nifty way of clearing spam, and you can easily clear large files taking up the most space with search filters. But mass deleting tons of emails at once can be a headache.

It’s not easy to delete several emails and you usually end up doing it manually so you don’t lose out on some important emails. But there is a way to mass delete unwanted emails, at least if they’re from a specific sender. This feature is helpful if you know a sender whose emails you don’t want in your inbox as it will delete all future emails automatically.

You can do this by following these steps.

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Open Gmail on your computer, laptop, Android or iOS device.

Tap on the “show search options” icon just next to the search bar.


Here, type the sender’s name in the “From” box.

Then select create filter and choose the filter “Delete it”.

And then select create filter again.

Now all future emails from this particular filter will be deleted automatically. This way you can prevent unwanted emails from landing up in your Gmail inbox. When you’re adding the sender’s name you can add more than one if there are several of them. You can also browse through the different filters available and choose one that fits your needs. There are filters such as archive, mark as read, star, forward and mark as important. Once chosen, Gmail will perform the action given for emails from those senders.

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