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Twitter verification: What do the grey, gold, blue ticks and profile labels mean?

Twitter verification: What do the grey, gold, blue ticks and profile labels mean?
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  • Musk relaunched the Twitter Blue verification system with additional grey and gold checkmarks.
  • Business Insider India explains Twitter's new verification system.
Twitter has relaunched its Blue-tick offering this week along with a couple of additional new checkmarks that will now appear on the social media platform. Twitter accounts will now feature a blue tick, a gold tick or a grey tick against their usernames or social media handles.

The new Twitter Blue allows people to pay $8 to verify their account and show a blue checkmark against their account names. After Elon Musk took over Twitter, he launched the ‘Twitter Blue’ subscription service for $8 per month. Earlier, you could get a blue tick mark for free. Musk’s subscription service was paused as fake accounts started purchasing verification and using it to impersonate public figures and brands. Twitter has now relaunched its ‘Twitter Blue’ service that offers blue, gold and grey ticks in effort to tighten the review process and prevent impostors.

With the new system of verification, Twitter is trying to ensure the system is not abused. But what do these checkmarks actually mean? Here, we explain Twitter’s new verification system.
Blue tick
Twitter Blue is a subscription service that gives users a Blue Tick of verification for a monthly fee of $8 for web and Android users and $11 per month for iOS users. Subscribers of Twitter Blue are offered a range of features not available to regular users, including the ability to edit tweets after posting.

Twitter also said the blue-tick subscribers will see fewer advertisements and will be able to post and view longer and better-quality videos.

Currently, Twitter Blue is available in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom.
Gold ticks
Twitter is also replacing the ‘official’ label with a gold checkmark on verified business accounts.

Marvel Entertainment, Xbox, and Sony are among the first few accounts to have a gold tick. Currently, there is no information regarding the prices of this gold tick.
Grey ticks
While the blue tick is for people and the gold tick is for businesses, the grey tick will be for government accounts. This means that government bodies such as the Ministry of Electronics & IT and PMO India will likely soon have the grey tick rather than the blue tick against their account handles.
Profile labels and badges
Twitter applies visual identity through labels and badges on account profiles to provide more context. Some of these labels are applied by Twitter while some are triggered by user action.
State-affiliated media (Podium icon)
Twitter applies this label to media houses that don’t have editorial independence and are controlled or run by certain state-affiliated media entities.
Government labels
This was introduced along with the State-affiliated media. This label aims to notify that this account belongs to a government entity or is operated by an official.
Candidate labels
This label states that the account belongs to a person who is participating in the election or running for the House of Representatives, US.

The label contains information about the office candidate is running for and the location of the office.
Automated account labels
Automated labels help you to identify if an account is a bot or not. If the account is displaying an ‘automated’ label, then it means the account is generating automated content, not produced by humans.
Professional category labels
This label is selected by the user when they switch to a professional account. Twitter does not assign this label to anyone, instead, users can choose to show it on their profile.

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