Useful iMessage tips and tricks to master texting on iPhone and iPad

Useful iMessage tips and tricks to master texting on iPhone and iPad
  • iMessage was launched back in 2011 with iOS 5.
  • It is exclusively available for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac).
  • Some useful tips and tricks to use iMessage are mentioned below.
iMessage is exclusively available for iPhone, iPad and Mac devices. It is not just for texting, there are multitudes of features within the app. It can be used across Apple devices syncing between them all when signed with the same Apple ID. It is entirely free to use.

The iMessages and text messages aren’t the same. iMessages appear in blue bubbles on iPhone while text messages appear in green ones. The main difference between iMessages and text messages is how they send data. Text message uses cell connection meanwhile, iMessages transfer data using the internet. You need wifi or cellular data to use iMessage.

iMessage is only compatible with Apple devices, which means you can’t send an iMessage to Android users. Remember, you don’t have to do any different while sending a message to someone without an Apple device. Use the Messages app normally and iPhone will automatically send a text message.

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Whether you are new to the Apple ecosystem or yet to get the most out of the messaging app, here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of iMessage.

Top tips and tricks to use iMessage on iPhone and iPhone


Send iMessage screen effects
You can send iMessages with some cool screen effects including, balloons, confetti, lasers, fireworks and shooting star. There are some trigger words in iMessage that trigger an effect automatically like Congratulations, Happy Birthday and Happy New Year.

To access the screen effect, type the full message and then long-press the send button. iMessage also features Bubble, Invisible ink, Gentle, Loud and slam effects.

Use Animoji/ Memoji
If you are willing to spice up the conversation Animojis and Memojis come handy. The custom emojis use Apple’s facial recognition system that analysis your facial expression in real-time.

Animojis turn your face into funny avatars like panda, poop, pig, ghost and many more. Memojis are available with a ton of customization.

Pin conversations to the top
If you are using iOS 14 or later iPhone and iPad you will get the ability to pin the conversation threads on the top. It allows you to quickly access them.
To pin the desired message, long press on the conversation thread or group, then a popup menu will appear and then tap on the ‘Pin’ option. Also, you can swipe right on the thread and tap on the yellow Pin button.

Reply to a specific message
This feature allows you to send replies to a specific message. It is helpful when you want to reply to a specific message or pass a comment to a specific message.
Long press the message you want to reply to or comment, and a popup menu will appear. Tap on the ‘Reply’ to reply back.

Turn off send read receipts
You can turn off read receipts for all or individual contacts. To turn it off, open the conversation page and you will see ‘Send Read Receipts. Just toggle it to turn read receipts off.

Send handwritten iMessages
You can also send a handwritten message pairing it with different screen effects. To send handwritten iMessage, open the Messages app and rotate iPhone to landscape orientation. Tap on the handwritten button in the bottom right. You can write your own message or pick from the existing options.

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