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The 10 most powerful moms of 2015

The 10 most powerful moms of 2015
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Beyonce Jay Z Blue IvyGetty Images for MTVBeyoncé (right) with her daughter, Blue Ivy, and husband, Jay Z.

In honor of Mother's Day, Working Mother magazine put together a list of 50 remarkable women "whose influence is felt on a daily basis via their singular talent, hard work, and intellectual capital."

"These are some of the most influential decision-makers," says Jennifer Owens, editorial director at Working Mother Media. "We chose them not only for their talent and success, but for their courage and vision. And of course, because even as they work to make the world a better place, they are raising their own families."

The list of powerful moms - who each have at least one child under age 18 - is not ranked. However, the editors at Working Mother selected their "top 10" for us to share.