The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

50 Cent hostel cribs


50 Cent stars in a new ad for Hostelworld.

Good morning. Here's everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. Artists profit more from vinyl sales than from YouTube licensing. British artists have hit out at a discrepancy in their income streams which sees many make more money from the sale of resurgent vinyl records than they do from YouTube, reports The Drum.

2. Ad legend George Lois has launched a new agency: Lois TransMedia. The agency will work in partnership with PR outfit Transmedia Group to offer a full range of services in online advertising, social media and marketing PR, according to Campaign Live.

3. Apple Stores are getting their biggest makeover in 15 years. Apple Stores around the world are currently being revamped to reflect a new design headed up by Jony Ive, Apple's design chief.

4. Snapchat advertising data reveals what kinds of brands have bought into the app. Three product sectors-activewear, CPGs and consumer electronics-have accounted for 57 percent of all ads L2 observed on Snapchat Discover, reports Ad Week.

5. Google has a new plan to cripple the iPhone app-store model and rule the mobile world. While Android Instant didn't turn heads like Google's new home-automation product, Home, or its virtual-reality tech, Daydream, it could be the announcement that has some of the most profound implications for Google.

6. This teen brand is the future of Victoria's Secret. In the past, Pink has been seen as the stepping stone for young consumers to Victoria's Secret, but it stands on its own as a viable business.

7. I downloaded my data from Facebook and found all of the people I unfriended in the last 10 years. Here's all the stuff you can find out if you decide to download your Facebook archive - it gives an insight into the kind of data advertisers could be given access to.

8. RANKED: The 21 brands Europeans love best. Netbase examined data from 6.5 million social media posts from 50 countries over the past year to find out which companies were most closely associated with expressions of love.

9. "Bankrupt" 50 Cent presents a spoof episode of MTV Cribs from a youth hostel. Money problems may explain why 50 Cent has returned with a parody version of MTV Cribs, where he shows us round his communal dorm room, in a new ad for Hostelworld.

10. Here's the trailer for "Equity," the new movie about a badass female banker. The script, written by Amy Fox, is based on interviews the filmmakers held with male and female bankers across Wall Street.